Latewood's GH 3-part Q & A discussion


Great lesson,i have experienced all of that,im on day 11 from last nutrient change and am adding about 1 and a half gallons per day, need to do a nute change correct?


If you top off using plain water 2wice and that is 3 gallons, you can do another 1 gallon top off and then do a nute change.

Wow using 1.5 gallons per day…Wow Remind me what stage you are in, please.


Just did a nute change but now im doing a gallon per day of ph water at 5.8 per day per 5 gallon bucket,im maybe 2 weeks from harvest now,a few amber trics is all i see so far



Good job. :+1:


Flowers are not huge but really tight


Tight is good! :slight_smile:


Latewood, have you had any issues with PH using GH. I ask this because I have been using GH 3 part for a couple of years now and it had been working ok. But the last couple of bottles I have gotten, I started having issue’s. My last grow I ordered my last, I had one WW in its 4th week of flowering with some quarter size buds and I had 2+1 colon at about 1 1/2 mouth of grow. They are in 5gl DWC BB. I keep my PH 5.8- 6.0, and ppm around 800. After getting the new supply of GH, I notice after 2wk’s the bud’s had not gotten any bigger and the one’s in grow state look to have stop growing? I change water with nut’s out every week. The roots on the budding plant look good, nice and white. I let it complete it’s grow and moved other to my flower tent. Smoke was good, just not enough. Anyway now I have issues with 3 in flowing or lack of, been in there about three weeks not doing anything, and a lot of leaves looking bad. I am working on pick’s, hope to upload some tomorrow, need some day light. PH is dropping to 4.5 - 5.0 every night.


My buds on pinneapple haze are fat and tight, all cloudy with just a few amber trichs,been the same for about 2 weeks,what can i do to push them to finish?


Well RG,

  1. How are you mixing your solution?

  2. What product do you use for PH adjustment?

  3. 800ppm is too light a solution to grow big buds.

  4. What can you think of that might have changed before you started having these issues?

  5. What is original PH and ppm of water, and what is the source of this water?

Please answer my questions and maybe we can figure something out.


Be patient, or harvest. :slight_smile:


I mix in 1 gal containers as per GH mix a day ahead of water change outs. Adjusting amount to 800 for flowering.

I use GH’s PH adjustment.

Had sign’s of leaf burn when using recommend amount, ppm was in 1100 range, had read in other a post that ppm should be around 800.

The only change was a new supply of GH 3 part Flora Nut’s.

I us rain water and use a DIY filter before use, and the water only set for a day or too at the most. The PH most of the time is around 6.5 - 7.0, in the string it does drop to around 5.0 - 4.5. The PPM is 12 - 35. all the time.


Here is what they are looking like. The first one is in it’s 5th wk of flowering, the other 2 a in there second wk of flowering.


I am low on my GH 3 part Flora Nut’s and looking at do I need to change brand? I do have a Go box of General Organics nut’s that I a friend moving left me. Not sure if they are go for hydro. Mix reviews on internet about them. I have asked GH about it.


@latewood when do you consider auto flowers in the veg stage? I have 2 different grow boxes, one for autos then a photo box. Real excited to find this formula because up to this point I was adding nutes based on the instructions on the bottle but modifying it based on what stage the plant was in and trying to apply the research I had gathered on what plants need in it’s different part of its life cycle. Wasn’t to far off from what you are doing here but it’s nice to have an exact recipe :wink:


Something looks off, but I cannot place it. I see nutrient toxicity evidence, and that makes no sense because, I always used 1200-1500 for flowering.

If you want to change to a different nutrient. I would try Robert’s Flower Power, available in the shop. The starter kit will do 2-3 plants (fem) or 3-4 autos.


Auto flowers are somewhat always in flower. I guess you could go by when bud sites begin to form. :slight_smile:
Happy Growing


@latewood, that is what I thought it was, and why I lowered to below 900. I’ am thinking the last batch of nut’s may have been an old batch. Things started going bad when I got my last batch of nut’s. Bottle’s look like they had been on a store shelf for a couple of years. Any way my clone did not make it. I have done 2 flushes sense last Friday. Other too are looking better. When ahead and got a new batch of the GH 3 part (bottles look new). I have to seedlings that are 3 weeks old and already have a bunch of roots dropping out of bottom of there baskets. I put a drip conversion kit on them to wk’s ago and now they are back on the air stone’s. I should have put them on a timer and have them run on and off all day. I got a little nut tox. PPM is at 300. Being on all day was a little much for dripper. How much roots do I need to consider it as in grow state. That is where I have issues. At what time is it considered to be at grow state?


My advice to you is to grow the plant as I told you. No offense. Watch and learn how the plant reacts and you will see cycles the plant goes through. Then you will be able to master your own grow technique.

Happy, lw


@latewood when you start adding pk boost what do u drop the formula down too?