Latewood's GH 3-part Q & A discussion


Hey ILGM members.

Feel free to ask any question you need in order to clarify the many versatile formulas using GH Flora series 3-part.

I am going to re-write my tutorial on this product, here in this post later on. There is a paper I wrote circa 2006 about it and it has 50,000 views +/- at Cannabisdotcom

Meanwhile; I started this topic to allow you all to pick my brain on this great nutrient system. The nutrient system used by NASA.

Bring it on. Happy growing :slight_smile:

Gold Leaf Indoor Grow Journal and Defoliation Experiment
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I already know the answer because you told me before but why is it that you prefer using this for hydroponics over soil and does it work well for soil If not why do they make the three-part for soil?


I would love to get as much information as I can about the GH products … i have recently switched to them and started growing Hydro , so all information will be good information… thank you very much… hoping to hear from you soon… :wink:

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I never compare anything concerning hydro vs soil. They are 2 vastly different grow methods.

I like 3 part because it is an extremely clean hydroponic nutrient system. Possibly the most versatile pre mixed commercial nutrient on the market.

Although GH makes it for soil; I personally prefer Botanicare which is organic for soil/less (No Botanicare questions here). You can use it for soil and soil-less if you prefer, as with any nutrient.

So; One thing I may need to clarify; I am doing this tutorial in relation to using GH in Hydroponics but, I will field and atrempt a soil/ soil-less question if I can help you out. :slight_smile: The thing is; The manipulation of the system will be the same for all 3 methods.


Thank you for joining the conversation. I am sure it will not bee long before this topic is rolling along. One thing to really like about Gh 3 part; It has a great price$ :slight_smile:


Well I am in. Will begin switching out nutes in bucket in the morning. I have single 5 gal bubble buckets. I will have 4-5 buckets with plants in varying stages. I have read your GH Flora article you posted in GrowFaq. I have 4 gallon jugs mixed up and pH’d to 5.8 for the first bucket. I did a basic conversion from your information to mix 1 gallon at a time. I hope I got it right.



You gpt the idea, and others will benefit from your plan. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to say; Those of you who already have used this product in soil or however; Jump in. We did this in the old days and some folks followed the idea I like, and others shared their own recipe and success. Like I said. This is a good product.

So; Whether you have used 3 part in hydro, soil, or Promix; We can talk about it here
Happy growing


allright, Today is day 1 with @latewood GH Flora 3part in 5 gallon DWC Bubble Bucket with 6inch net pot. Lots of air. Room 5ftX8ftx8ft. I just finished putting in a 5000BTU Air Conditioner, room now at 72 degrees, Rh 35-40%. I will be using an el cheapo LED 1000W, & MarsHydro600 (Have 2 of each). ILGM White Widow Auto, on second set of leaves, in 2 inch rockwool with 1.5 inch taproot was placed on 1 inch layer of clay pellets. And We’re Off…


Please keep in mind Bryan. This is not a journal. This is only about the application of the nutrients. Only system type, start date and current age are applicable. Thanks.

So, it looks like you are ready to go. When are you transplanting to buckets?


OK. Read above posts. I guess your plants are at varying ages. Please list all ages. :slight_smile:


I used it in both at the same time. I had issues in the soil grow, MG soil, and plant died whilst hydro chugged along. I’m now in the process of going from veggie back to pot growing and this is my go to. Oh and I use, not full dose, in my veggie hydro systems.


With this recipe do you also use florishus plus


Sorry guys! For some reason I never got a notice anyone posted here, and I am so busy; I just thought everyone lost interest. Whoops…


I never got the notice that you replied.

I just wanted to clarify to everyone that what lamps and such you are using does not matter, with regard to this tutorial.

Soil or hydro, Age of grow, what grow cycle is about all you need to learn the application of a nutrient.

After you learn the simple application, you can aaply additives, and manipulate the formula accordingly. :slight_smile:


Hey Bro,

Are you asking me? I do not use any additves in this formula. 3 part was meant to be manipulated at different cycles of plant growth, and thus does not require additives if you learn how to adjust the formula.

Simple is best. adding extra ingredients only complicates the learning curve, and then you have a harder time to diagnose the issue.


I was asking you,yes. I did start to use your schedule, however i kept using all my additives,no harm to any plants but i did learn not to keep topping off with nutes,the ppm was way to high. Now my flowers look great,best dwc i have grown so far,only my 3rd


Here is a helpful hint. Only add ph 5.8 water during the week between reservoir changes.

So, add fresh nutrients, and when you need to top off; Use ph 5.8 water. Leave it for 20 minutes and ph should become stable. Check it and adjust ph if ogg more than .2 i.e. OK if between 5.6-6.0 Never add more plain water than reservoir holds. IN a 5 gallon bucket, you use approx. 4 g. So you can never add more than 4 gallons of plain water before refreshing with a fresh batch of 3 part.

If you run into a situation where the plant is drinking more water; It is time to apply fresh nutrients.

Helpful hint #2 If your mix is too high ppm; your plant will drink more water and ppm will rise. If solution is too weak; The plant will uptake more minerals resulting in a lower ppm. Just adding this to the lesson.

Peace all :slight_smile: