Latewood's favoite soil recipe

You all keep asking about; How to make a good soil mix. Here is my recipe. :smiley:

From this prove3n soil recipe, you can mix your own soil.

  1. Sterile dirt. (clean topsoil dirt with no additives or fertilizer value)

2, Perlite 1/3

  1. Promix BX (nursery product) Ingredients:




LIMESTONE (buffers PH)


MYCORRHIZAE™ PREMIER TECH (Glomus intraradices)
ProMixBX is available at farm and ag supply stores. 4CF for approx. 35-40 bucks. Great deal


What’s your view on coco coir instead of peat moss.

I don’t use it.

Is there a reason why you don’t.

Thank your for access to your recipe😀 Will be using some ingredients here along with organic worm castings

The reason I do not show amendments here is because this is a soil recipe assuming that grower uses nutrients. Botanicare, Foxfarm, etc.

The addition of worm casting and guana etc. would allow grower to water with PH 6.5 and hardly ever use nutrients, or at all. :slight_smile:


Which is more effective, compost or worm castings? Thanks…

Both are effective and both have a separate purpose. Compost mixed with Peat, perlite, vermiculite fungi, lime is a great stand alone medium.

Worm castings are simply 1 amendment to a complete grow medium. I suggest you look at alternatives to worm castings and learn about the different amendments that are similar. Then when building a soil or medium; You will make confident informed choices.

lw :slight_smile:

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@latewood Could you give a recommendation on a soil mix with amendments, that would only require just watering or very little nutrient additives.

Amended soils only last through vegetative cycle and then you have to add nutrients or replant in bigger container with new enriched, amended soil. I do not give recommendations for commercial soil unless you include Foxfarm Ocean Forest. Even with this great premium soil; You have to add nutrients or new soil midway through grow. :slight_smile:

Thank you @latewood i understand

I hear forest soil is good for the plants