Latewood needing assistance


@latewood still in need of help merging my two profiles @joshawa an @JoshawaM if you can an don’t mind please sir



Why do you have 2 profiles? We do not merge profiles. I need to know which one you favor, as the other needs to be deleted. :slight_smile:
Sorry. Only one profile per member. I do not recall past discussions as I tend to 1000;s everyday.


I cant get into my original profile @joshawa I couldn’t get back into an clare has merged them together the first time this happened but I’d rather get my original back if you can get me back into it


OK. I will look and see if the original is listed. Keep in mind. Once I do this, you have one account from here on out; OK?

Going to look right now. :slight_smile:


Ok that’s good with me