Latest addition to my grow room

I figured I would share this. This could be the most important tool I have.

$10.00 at Walmart. Happy Growing.


Very smart idea. With all the lighting, fans, controllers, and other electric equipment you can never be too careful. Especially when you add water and high humidity to the mix. I keep an extinguisher just outside the grow room door, and another one in the grow room itself.


Well I know what I’m going to get my next trip to the store. Great safety tip!


I Too keep one handy make sure it is a class C.


great idea, I have them and now time to put it the room. Thank you for situational awareness.


Well I had a really bad scare the other day. I was shaving and all of a sudden smoke came rolling in to the bathroom. All’s I could think about was it’s the grow. Well it wasn’t, I had cooked bacon that morning and the grease was still in the pan but gelled at this point so I turn the burner on high to liquefy it so I can dump it. Well you guessed it I walked away. Well they say we learn best from our mistakes; we’ll I can tell you that won’t happen again. I look at it this way it’s better to loose your grow than your home.


Safety here 1st 100% , Also don’t cheap out on cords and use small gauge wire. I remember a few years back I think @Drinkslinger mentioned about a fan catching on fire. Would be a good thread for someone to start on safety pointers. :v:


I have a big ole extinguisher outside my room by the door lol. I have 3 in the house 1 in kitchen 1 in by the grow room and one towards bk of house Incase we need to extinguish our way out the house. Good idea tho. I thought about finding the glass bomb kind and hang by a string above the lights if fire hits it it will burn string making the extinguisher drop and break extinguishing the flames. If u can find the extinguisher bombs like they had in the old days.


When I built my dedicated “room”, I used fire rated sheetrock and added fire suppression. Just to ease my mind.

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