Late Veg Training Techniques. Need Advice

I don’t want popcorn nugs that don’t get high.
This is my 3rd harvest and so far I’ve stuck with the traditional just let it grow method winding up with crystally cola’s and fluffy bullshit bottom buds. The only difference this time is i topped a bunch of times and am using fabric pots.

I have a scrog net but theyre different strains meaning some will be done earlier than others. <---- (not making that mistake again)

And the fabric pots makes it hard to water when you cant move them around.

Should i lollipop instead? Are the top buds really going to compensate for the bottom lacking energy absorbing produce?

And if so, when do i start lollipoping? Before prnafter the 12/12 switch?

Im just trying to fill my canopy as much as buddable possible.

Im already 2 months in veg. I can still move the branches, theyre still flexable, but approaching stiffness and feel i need to act now.

33/33/33 FFHF Soil/Perlite/Coco
4 by 4 Grow Tent Vivosun
FF Nutes
600W Glass Enclosedn HPS Vivosun
400W Metal Halide Vivosun
Big Ass Fan
Humidifer (Chicago Fall Weather)

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Id def recommend LST earlier. Helps keep them even so lowers popcorn buds bc gives more light to more area

Can i still LST? To the branches that can handle it?

I would. At least get more light inside

I use pipe cleaners but anything that wont cut into your stem will be fine

Defoliate before going into flower, like lollipop those B’s

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