Late term accidentally split stalk

1-2 weeks to harvest. I repaired the split w/a hose clamp. My buds are heavy with the first decent rain in over 2 months. So the plant wasn’t used to being heavy.
I’m guessing most growers split stalks in very early flower? So what should I watch for?
Concerned about possible bud rot if the plant is not performing properly? Anything else I should do or watch? Thank you everybody for the help my first 2 grow seasons! First year was insanely productive 36 oz. 2 plants. This year just looking to time my trichomes well.


I read honey on the break can be helpful but if you got it tied up should be ok. Maybe slow it down for a second depends on how bad the break. Got a photo?

Look to see if healthy leaves start to shrivel then I’d be worried but I snapped my stem late last grow an she survived to harvest just fine

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OK. Are a couple weeks from harvest and split a main almost all the way to the coco ( I think all the silica made brittle branches) but we bdabbed honey on the wound and multiple zip ties and a week later all is good no droopy wilty leaves or anything. I believe the honey really helps


Not my best of photos but you can see it kind of cantilever to below the split in the split.

Lived here my whole life never went that long with that least amount of rain over three months maybe an inch of rain the plants got used to being light and couldn’t handle it.
Last year my plants were three times as big but I had a farm fence staked around them about 6 ft in diameter and it supported perfectly it’s a great way to do it but it’s not very inconspicuous LOL so I took the farm fence down this year.
This stock is probably as big around as a nickel last year’s was as big as a half dollar.


Thanks I may try honey I’m about a week from harvest I wonder if this will slow the trichomes?

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I haven’t noticed it causing a problem. I have 3 plants all cloned from same mom 2 in coco 1 in hf and it looks same as others

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I would add some honey with a lil paint brush( on inside of split) and then zip ties that break between the clamp and the nodes below it


Never used any honey.,but I’ve had splits many times.guess I’m a little rough with them.they are a strong plant.I did what you did with tape and had no problem will show within a day if there are any issues.good luck but I think you’ll be ok from the pic I saw.

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I use the foamy wire from the grow store and hold it in place while I wrap some wire around it to hold it back together. It’s worked well for me many times.
I’ve never used honey, but I may try it.

I recently had a similar event happen with one of my plants when I was moving it in the tent. I split half the plant at the topping cut about an inch down and thought it was a goner. In a week it was like nothing had happened and the exterior had healed, even without clamping back together. Buds happily pointing to the light. Unfortunately what DID happen is the plant went hermie and I did not realize it until I saw seeds in my White Widow’s lower branches’ buds. The plant healed, but the stress of it while in flower, IMHO, may have contributed to an unexpected gender change. And now a new variety of seeds…and one less plant in my tent. :tired_face:

I do not know how long it takes for these to change gender hopefully not in a week or two?

I use honey and wrap it with teflon tape.

Seems to me I read somewhere on the site that cannabis sees the sugars in honey as pure energy and easily and readily absorbs it and it gives a general boost across the entire plant.

I don’t see any way it could be detrimental to weed - EVERYTHING is better with honey!! :honeybee:

Honey is naturally anti bacteria anti fungus it doesn’t grow mold. Have you ever seen or heard of rotten honey

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