Late Starter in Southern California

I live in Southern CA. I purchased 2 clones from a local shop and planted them (one each) in a 25 gallon pot with fresh soil from a garden shop. I don’t know if they are autoflowering or not.

I planted them on August 18. It is now October 6. One plant has failed. The other is OK I think. I’m not sure what do. It is about 18" tall and looking healthy. There a lots of smallish buds everywhere. The weather is warm an sunny every day, 75-85 days and 55-65 at night. They are getting about 8 hours per day of full bright sun in my yard. The plant seems to have stopped growing and maybe the buds are getting bigger but even that I’m not positive. The buds and the leaves are a nice green color. There are no visible bugs. To touch the plant, it has a somewhat oily feel and a nice aroma too. The buds are small, about size of the tip of my pinky finger or a sewing thimble

When should I harvest them and what are the signs they should be harvested.

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Hey @jerrythesurfer, welcome to the forum
Sounds like its way too early to think about harvesting.
Can you post a photo of the whole plant for us?

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Thanks for the speedy reply. I attached 3 photos of the plant. Hope that helps. If you need any additional info, just ask,


Looks sativa and isn’t an auto we are just in flower days right now its harvest season to grow outside you need to plant in April may (spring time) the grow big all summer and when autumn comes and the light becomes linger rhen the day then that signals the plant to start flowering …I started yours outside so as soon as they rooted and the light is less then 12 in your area they immediately began to flower you got quite a while to go but al what are u feeding ng how are you watering and those decorations pots aren’t the best for drainage and small plants in a big pot can be tricky and easily overwatered


Yes, the plant is a sativa. I wish I planted earlier but I decided to give it a try in September (I can’t change that). I’m not sure how much longer to wait to harvest. Maybe it was too late to start growing and this crop will be a failure. I just have no idea and seeking advise.


Never to late you’ll be done in a few weeks but won’t be much more then the stick it is it will plump up if your feeding it if not then dont expect much


Thanks for the feedback. What you say sounds about right. Our temperatures here October-December should remain 70-80 daytime and 55-65 at night. So, can I just continue to water and feed them? Is their a clue when to harvest?

Yes if your watering water low nitrogen higher P and K “bloom nutrients” high N is “grow” nutes… do you soak the whole 25 gallons or do you do a little around the plant?

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Yup give her some good PK and she’ll put on weight for ya. Wont get lbs out of her. But she’ll give u something! And experience as well