Late start Grow Journal - beginner auto flower mix - outdoor grow

Just for your reference on utilities, I live in central Massachusetts and set up a standard 4x4 tent 4 months ago with a 600 watt his light with a 500 cfm exhaust fan, plus an oscillating fan and small humidifier inside … we have seen an average increase of about 30 bucks in electricity and 10 in the water bill… more than we thought it would be, but still worth it. Granted it is avery small sample and we stopped running the exhaust fan until we get odor, so hopefully it will go down
Hope this helps with your hubby!

Awesome @Patsbasement ! Having a number will definitely help. Appreciate the info. ~ AB

@AnneBonny here is what it costs me
To run 2 300W LED, a 6" fan, a PowerMaxx 66W exhaust/in line carbon w speed
Controller, 1 T5 and the occasional
15W LED sidelight x 2, and a 48 x 24 heat mat and a smaller 8 x 12 heat mat

About $49 a month and we are monitoring continuously.

I harvested April 1-6 and will again in 4-5 week with 2 plants always in flower (goal)


@Sl1Is that monitor specifically to monitor cost? Also, so I get the big picture, you use 3 lights (T5 is a light right - pardon my ignorance) and 2 side lights for just 2 plants growing or do you have that many for plants in different phases since you want 2 in flower at all times? I wouldn’t need that many for just 2 plants from start to finish would I? Thanks ~ AB

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DThat’s monthly. You program in your electric company’s cost per kw hour.

I have 2 300W Led in top of my tent, and two 15 w led that I use sometimes during flowering for side lighting, the t5 is for vegging plants outside of tent.

That’s correct I have 2 plants in tent flowering at a time, tent is 4 x 2 x 5. It’s a small set up, but good enough for 2 people plus some give aways if I grow continuously. So far…

Hope this helps😋


I totally admire the folks who successfully grow indoors exclusively because they have to, but I still suggest you simply plan for a better outdoor grow next season by equipping a seedling starting area to get them going in March to transplant in the ground in mid-May and not cultivating autos.
Either way lights seem to be the only tangible item your setup is missing

Growing outdoors offers growers a much lower cost for a much higher yield in the grand scheme of things IMO.
Weed stays fresh and potent & keeps for years if properly harvested, cured, stored, & handled.

Grow enough of the stuff and you’ll be able to make healing topical pain rubs, capsules to swallow and other great cannabis infused food, health, and beauty products and gifts. People love the “gift of green”

I’ll be calling in favors from the recipients of my most generous “gifts” to assist with the harvest this fall.
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Cool meter thingy hermana


@willd count me in I can’t wait great learning experience

I was referring more to the handful of non cultivating friends, family, and co-workers who have collectively been the beneficiaries of over a lb of buds, 100’s of caps, a gallon or more of infused oil and butter, pounds of granola, a dozen or more 2-4 oz jars of topical rubs etc, but @Sl1 is welcome any time too!

October seems so distant today but I know it will be here and gone before we know what happened.


Now THAT is highly motivating.


I won’t deny some degradation is going to occur over time, but it’s been negligible to me. Those 60 gram Boveda 2-way humidity packs and Leaktite brand 5 gallon buckets (made right in Leominster, MA) kept in a stable temp are nothing short of miraculous. I’m still working on the last 3 lbs of my 8+ lb harvest in 2015. I didn’t grow at all last year. I use about an oz every 4-6 weeks myself and gift an ounce or two every month.


I too admire those folks and am going to take your advice on a better equipped seedling start area for next year. I think I have already found a spot in my house that will work and I know my husband will help with the set up as he is better at that than I am. I am hoping that if mother nature ever turns up the heat and lets the sun come out that this years crop won’t be so bad. Someone at work said we are supposed to get a Nor’easter on Sunday :anguished:! This will also give me time to just learn, learn, learn. Very thankful for everyone’s input.

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Woo Hoo!!! The sun was finally shining today. Girls went outside before I left for work and they looked really good when I got home. Veggies and herbs went into the ground and I put the girls in the garden but not in the ground yet. I’m not sure Mother Nature is done being persnickety yet so just a precaution. Lost one of my Amnesia Haze (but I saw that coming) so I’m down to 11.

Happy growing everyone.


Woohoo :raised_hands:
Looking great @AnneBonny hope they like the outdoors did you transition them with filtered light or just straight to full sun ?

They were actually in my 3 season room for a couple of weeks while the weather was gross so I would say yes they had filtered light before going out.

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Cool cool :sunglasses: looking good

Update 5/23/17

It’s been a week or so since the girls went outside and 59 days since put in the soil and they are looking pretty good to my untrained eye. Here are a couple of pictures as I have a few questions on some things I see.

This is one of my Blueberry plants - sorry it wasn’t sideways when I uploaded and I can’t figure out how to turn it but you can get the gist of my question. See how it’s stretched in the middle and then the leaves/nodes are really close on top? I know I can’t do anything about the stretch but was wondering if I can FIM those lower leaves or can you only FIM the ones on top? Here is a closer pic of the lower leaves…

I did notice on another blueberry plant the leaves are going dark which I thought was a trait of the blueberry plant. But I also noticed it on a white widow so maybe not. Is it something I should be concerned with?


White Widow - sorry side ways again

Then on the other end of the spectrum I have a super short, compact Northern Lights which I was thinking I could top or FIM (if I can talk myself into it as I’m afraid to screw it up)…

…but when I took a closer picture to try to see where to cut it’s looking very crystally (tricomey) so I’m thinking I may be too late…

These are auto flowers so they are just doing their thing according to mother natures timetable. I am pretty sure they are all in flower or just on the cusp. All my strains say average flower period is 56-58 days so I’m figuring about that amount of time until close to harvest correct? Thanks for any input as it’s always appreciated. :slight_smile:


Woohoo @AnneBonny looking great they are going to reward you for alll the love your giving them
Nice job keep up the good work
@Sl1 I know you posted this a while back but that meter you have where did you get it and how much $ did you pay if you don’t mind me asking?

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On the white widow the tips are getting dark which could be how the strain grows, but I know can also be too much nitrogen. My northern lights auto has dark leaves like that though, but I grow dwc. Soooooo I can’t really tell you if it’s a problem or not. Just confirming I see what u see lol


I think amazon links are OK here

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