Late Start For Outdoors?

I germinated seeds on May 27 and planted them in outdoor flower pots. It is now July 24 and while they are growing OK (I think) they are just starting to flower. I live in Southern California. Will there be sufficient summer left for the plants to mature enough to yield a crop? Here is a photo.

@jerrythesurfer yes you’ll be just fine. Once they start into flower the stretch begins. They could double in height and your canopy will fill in. They look good and healthy so you are doing something right.

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@jerrythesurfer if in the future you want bigger plants with increased yields, drop seeds earlier. I drop seeds middle of February indoors, then outside they go around the middle of May. My girls have done their stretch (over 7’ now in height) and flowering nicely. Got 4 like this.

And 2 like this



Wow, those are amazing. I don’t know what you are feeding them. I only hope I can get something even close to your crop. Where are you located?


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Dude considering you’re worried about a late start and yours are THAT tall…I’m now thinking my harvest won’t be anything if I even make it with the size of my plants :sweat:

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@jerrythesurfer Southeastern Ontario, Canada.
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To each there own my friend. :wink:

Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look.

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