Late start, first grow


Hi & I appreciate each response. If anyone is able to answer, please jump in.
This is my first grow. I’m growing fem northern lights. I planned on hydro yet the complete lighting system at this point is in-afffordable. I live in the South East.
I planted in amended soil. Purchased several nutrients. Advance nutrients. Grow, micro & bloom as well as grow bud and and bud candy Here’s my issue:
The fist 2 northern lights I added the micro, grow and bloom too soon. Ph was 6-6.5. Those leaves began to turn yellow so I completely stopped nutes and from there it was strictly flushing and adding ph corrected water. They’re growing well after I topped the yellowing leaves. I began a couple of more seeds and they’re both doing very well. I keep them outside during tha day in full sun then evening I take them in and place them under the lighting. Fluorescent Lighting combined with full spectrum led’s. Here are my main 2 questions:, please advise.
The first 2 plants with nutrient burn, I flushed & topped and are coming back well. They’re shorter than the other 3.
My others were starting late. Three have 6 full sets of leaves as of this morning. The others are starting on 5 compact sets.
Is it possible to harvest in mid October or should at that point leave them under grow lights I October ? Also, since they’re in amended soil can I restart the nutrients? Maybe gradually ? Regarding the big bud & bud candy when do I begin adding those ( if so ) gradually ?
Please help.
I truly would like to get a harvest from my plants. Is it even possible to get a harvest from the two I’ve brought back ?
Inside the temps from 80-84*. Ph Is 6.5 with ventilation.
Thank you for each answer. I value your opinion. I understand that each of us began somewhere and have questions . I will add pictures soon.
Grateful & happy growing
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Yes, you can get a harvest by mid October. Will it amount to much? Maybe not: yield is gonna be a function of how big the plant is, after all.

Using a good soil for cannabis you won’t need any nutes until flower. Just PH’d water. If you are using strips or drops be aware that they are not accurate. Use a digital PH meter. PH is 6.3 to 6.8 in soil.

Inadequate light will produce light and airy flowers FYI. You almost can’t have too much light in flower.


When you start feeding you want to uave 4-5 seys of true leaves
@Myfriendis410 has givin some good advice


Thank you @Countryboyjvd1971 it is very good advice. I also appreciate your time in reviewing my post.
I am leavring so much.
Happy growing


Sorry sweetie. I’m behind on here and looks like you received some good input. Just keep asking and learning like you’re doing :hugs: