Late stages leaf septoria?

At this point feel like i just let it take it’s course … Thoughts? This is my first grow attempt 6 plants total 2 badley infected the other 4 not too bad . but do i pluck all the effected leaves ? just started to flower

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Look through plants, under leaves aND all looks like you got bugs eating your leaves. I had worms do that to mine.


@mountainbiker Leaves will be yellowed and have brown spots. Looks like bugs. Looks like you are in flowering so I’d spray 1\4 peroxide to 2\3 water 32oz spray bottle.Wet them down. Works for me but I’m always checking for bugs obsessively.

Dang, I got spider mites,

Peroxide over lite detergent?

Sorry brother!!! Glad we were able to get a diagnosis and now can treat it… best of luck I know these bastards can be hell to have and get rid of…

@mountainbiker Straight peroxide and water mix. Never had mites(knock on wood). Type in mites in the search bar. Lot of info will popup. Good luck.

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@mountainbiker Spray with safe brand Looks like caterpillars to me. I use my peroxide spray for preventive measure.

At first i thought Japanese beetles but they are few and far between. Under side has what looks like 2 spot spider mites plus other small critters … I am going with your peroxide for now and doing much more research . Thank you for the input.

Its not septoria. Probably bugs. Also in flower Dr earth organic plant spray will kill the buggers. Also put food grade de on top of soil.

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Bugs Bugs Bugs.

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