Late season peppahs and squash

Figured I’d give a shot at pushing a crop out late.

Using @Paranorman 's starter blend. Half perlite half vermiculite. Usually I start all my veg seeds in a wet paper towel but these are going straight in Uploading…

Well now I start them in paper towels in a propagation tray on a heat mat …I don’t just put them in the stuff…!?

Should be alright just make sure you keep them wet cuz that stuff drains fast !

I keep about a quarter inch of water in the tray and I never let it dry out

Edit: okay Peppa’s because I thought they were ganja seeds and I’m like dude I wouldn’t do that…?! Sooo… nevermind lmao! You got me man haha!

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They won’t be in there for long going into my secret private blend.

Have you ever germinated pepper seeds? They’re notoriously hard to germinate and get sprouted.

Like in a napkin? I’ve soaked them a bit. But not sprouted outside of dirt. I had a bunch sprout but only one grew peppers. I have a tall pepper less one a tiny one and on and on

Come on Paranorman! This is the garden croner. Lol. Not just any peppers. Big Jim peppers.

I like Jalapenos… on a steeek…

Hate raw jalapeños Pickled for a little while is good. Got some soaking with tomatoes in my secret ingredient

Yeah oct 1 brought some chilly in. Maybe it’ll be a cold fall. Grabbed a couple Walmart bags of chestnuts from the ground under tree Beat the squirrels to it this year. I left the little ones for them

Was too cold lol. And I don’t like chestnuts :upside_down_face:

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