Late Season Auto

This is more of an experiment to see if I can pull off a late season outdoor grow in NNY.
Purple Haze Autoflower planted Aug 31 in organic seedling soil.
Will go into 3 gal pot with organic soil and peat moss in 10-12 days.
I will keep it out side as long the temps dont drop below 50.

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Watching !!! Good luck hope you do it

I’m in the state just below so should be interesting


Any update?

Good luck! I started a late season photo in the northeast right at the end of July so I’m a little ahead of you.

My grow is here if you want to follow
Naturalmedmans late-season grow

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Made a soil change. Going with Coast of Maine, Stonington and the feed. I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

Good choice! CoM is good stuff.

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The 14th will be the start of week 2. Slow start but I over watered a little.

The CoM soil and nutrients will be here Wednesday.


Set to watch. I use coast of Maine myself just not the silver bag

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I just started a Big Bud Auto and have it outside (L.I.N.Y.). I’m bringing it in at night and putting a fluorescent grow light on it for a few hours just to augment for the short days. I have absolutely no idea if this’ll work.
Following your grow… Best of luck with her.

I have a small led grow light and was thinking about doing the same thing.
I have a shop in back of the garage that I converted into a workout room, it has no heat so in the winter I just use a propane heater to get it warm but I’m going to order a couple base board heaters and get them hooked up so I have a warm place to bring her in at night. Maybe do some indoor growing.

I just picked up a SF1000 dimmable LED and put it in my unused basement bathtub.
Getting dark too early.