Late plant Grand Daddy Purple Auto-blum flowering already

As an experiment, I planted three GDP auto-blums middle August. Two are flowering already as of Sept. 12th. The Autumnal Equinox is Sept. 22nd. My question is rather simple, will auto-blums be triggered to flower if planted late near the Equinox? These are outdoors. Thanks. :smiley: :v:

They will flower “automatically”. They aren’t triggered by light. The ruderalis genetics throw them into flower regardless of light schedule.


That’s what I thought. However, the three later plants are all flowering, they were planted in middle Aug. The other two were planted middle June, have grown and the June plant is budding. The one I planted in July is just starting to flower. Well, they sure have me scratching my head. Thanks for the response.

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No problem. I’m new to growing, but went straight for autos. I planted one at the end of June and I’m harvesting in a couple of days. Another at the beginning of July that should be done in a few weeks, but I have it growing outside and we are set for bad weather the next week so I have to take her down early.