Late outdoors wet


@PurpNGold74 @raustin Got an outdoor grow going. Been very wet here. Haven’t seen them in a week. Everybody is talking bud rot. Nice thick grow. Kinda scared to look. Pretty good ventilation. Good sun, (when its been out) any suggestions?


Go and see them!


Or just tell me where they are and I’ll go see them. Lol. I may have to remove some affected buds though. :face_with_monocle:


Go check on them! It’s impossible to make recommendations until you know the situation and that requires laying eyes on them. So, put on your galoshes and a raincoat and ‘get after them!’ Then, report back to the mother ship. Lol.


FamilyyyMannnn :rofl: ! I m sure you need a driver and some help to help his plants :smile:


Can you tarp them ? Or is it a Gorilla type grow?
If you can clear plastic to keep rain off them helps but outdoors we are slaves to the weather
Bud rot can destroy a crop fast best to get eyes on them


Same here. I’m in Massachusetts. It’s been so wet and humid this year it’s driving me nuts. 5 months of work growing is turning into a nightmare. I had to chop 2 plants last week. Thanks to bud rot. Had to throw away about a pound of weed. The bud rot wasn’t bad enough, the fact that I had to chop them about 3 weeks early really killed me more. I imagine the buds I managed to save will be ok, but they could have been so much better.


Yes, like everyone else has said, you’ve got to go see your girls! They might be fine. And take pictures too.


Go go go. Peek on em. Like CB said a tarp or some kinda protection goes miles. N if you see any rot remove it and chop em down. People seriously are getting wrecked this year.


Hi. Going today. Waiting for my son. I will send pictures asap. Not a true gorilla grow. Neighborhood. Good neighbors. Thanks to all! Pic’s TF😎 Wish me luck.


You’re f’n scaring me man! Ill send pic’s in a few hours. Thanks!


@raustin Ok… I’m home. God bless mother nature. Everything much better than anticipated. Very dense, budding up beautifully. Take a peek😎



You lucked out. I don’t see any bud rot like everyone else this year. They look great. Now don’t leave and forget about them again.


Thanks a lot. Going strong. Hard to believe 5 of them from seed ,7/6/18. If I’m lucky ill get a month or so more time flowering. Any suggestions?


Maybe a bit longer. The look like they are still semi preflowers. Look for the pistils to turn orange before ur ‘home stretch’ but even then, there’s usually a bit of a wait.


Thanks, I will keep you posted. Nice days and nights here right now.