Late Hermies for edibles/hash

Hey Guys,
First off, let me just say that this site is hands down the best on the net for info!, especially for a first timer like me.
Ok, so heres whats happening…I currently have 3 super healthy Sticky fingers Autos growing and everything was coming together nicely until about week 5 of flower. My big dense nugs have produced seeds! Obviously hermied, and id say that its my fault due to big fluctuations in the tent temp (which i will address next grow)
The buds are super frosty and smell amazing, i am thinking of trying to harvest the smaller nugs with less seeds for smoking, and all the others i plan to dry trim for kief hash, and the rest for butter. I cant see a problem with this plan, but thought i would ask you guys. Also, i am thinking there is no need to cure the material that i am using for butter yeah? Probably a stupid question, but i am a newby so be gentle lol.
Thanks heaps for any info/advice :v:

Welcome to the community, great place. I believe that you should cure your weed and decarb the material to activate your material for making butter. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


Thanks for the response mate, knew about the decarb part, just thought id check about the curing :+1:

I made hash out of the last hermie that I had. It was decent stuff. No drying, curing, or decarbing necessary for hash for smoking.

Had a hermie on my first run, stressed me tf out! Haha, other plants ended up seeded, bud bud was still fire. If not too many seeds pick them out. Just bc it hermie does not mean seeded buds r low grade and should be used for edis. I’ve learned to check on my babies every day late in veg/early flower to make sure no male parts show up and if they do, put bag over plant and remove. Luckily I have an extra tent just for hermies bc it’s just too damn hard to throw away gorgeous hermies bc u never know with these plants, some hermies turn out great!

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The drying process is required for smokable product. If it’s being used for edibles you can just freeze it immediately. No dry needed. The difference is chlorophyll. Properly dried cannabis contains close to none which is great because it’s harmful as an inhaled combustion byproduct, perfectly fine and healthy in edibles tho.