Late Flowering clones

Hi All, OK I took some clones from late flowering plants. They rooted fine and are currently in their first week of flowering after 3 weeks in veg. I’m seeing some single leaf fans And lots of crazy growth. Has anyone seen this before? And should I just let them go? Any advice is always appreciated. Thx

Well normally you will take those clones and wait at least a month before throwing them into flower… what you’re actually seeing is the plant rooted really quick and then you decided to throw it into flower… unfortunately it never actually got to reveg because when you see Reveg you will see one or two or three single leaves coming out rounded with no sharp edges… after that the plant will explode which is called Monster cropping with a bunch of new shoots out of the bud… but I think you just rushed things too quickly and are now starting to see the effects of Reveg early into flower …would love to see some pics…


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Pics or it didn’t happen!

We pic’s hard to tell. But yes I
Same thing happens happens with my Panama Red. I just let her go


Not sure this is applicable or if I am interpreting your post correctly… you took a clone from a late flowering plant, does this mean it flowered late or you took it from a flowering plant late into the flowering cycle?

If it’s the later I took clones from plants that were 3 weeks into flower after reading an article on “monster cloning”. You can look it up and the results were impressive. Placed them back in veg for 4 - 6 weeks and then back to flower. They absolutely grew crazy, no symmetry at all but produced a lot which was the goal.

Not sure this answers your question?
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