Late flowering after problem with boron defiance

•Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA hybrid, critical cure. star CBD, Royal Purple Kush CBD

•Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

•System type?

•PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

•What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

•Indoor or Outdoor outdoor

•Light system, size?

•Temps; Day, Night 18 to 22 day 15 to 16 night

•Humidity; Day, Night 73 percent

•Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

•AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

•Co2; Yes, No

This is only my second outdoor grow. I had some problems with boron defiance in mid July, which I fixed with starch. the water ph was high and I added some lemon juice.The plants have recovered well and look very healthy, they are only now just showing per flowers. This is four weeks later than last year. I have forked in some dry blood and watered them with seaweed extract. Would it help if I cut off some of the lower branches? I had soil ph problems as well and have only fork in some lime. Thanks For any tips, advice.

Any pics? Would help us know what we’re trying to figure out. Blood meal usually is used in veg stage not flower, high nitrogen will delay tje flower process because it thinks it should still be growing instead of flowering. What nutes are you using? How often do you water? when was the last time you fed? Little more info please

Hi Thank you, Can take some pics next time down at the garden. I fed them with black strap molasses 2nd week of July then tomato food then molasses again as I was having ph soil problems. this did them the world off good and helped with the soil ph.
It rained quite a bit early August which helped a lot now watering twice a week half a gallon each. Fed them with seaweed concentrate last Sunday. I have fim the plants three times in July ready for flowering in the first week of August. Would it be wise to cut some of the lower branches off to help the plant to grow out the six or seven main heads? As they are now in flower but fours weeks late I was thinking this might help.

Before we could give you advice on cutting things off a picture would be best
Heres a guuide on lollipoping tbis entails removing the lower growth completely


Thank you @Countryboyjvd1971 Since my last post I have been reading a lot on here I’ve enjoyed it very much. I have taken some pictures and will ask my wife nicely to help me up load them. I grew three mango haze in the same spot last year. I am out in the wild. They where just about done 2nd week October. I can now see some of the mistakes I have made. I planted the seeds this year with the May moon cycle and planted out Frist week of June. I was away for two weeks, not planed. Did not think they would survive as it had been roasting hot with no rain. when I got out there they where all happy and alive. Watered them well, then fimmed them the next day. A week later they where showing signs of Boron, I fixed this with starch they all recovered with in three days. I put down what I have given them to eat and drink since then. Feed them with Doff 777 on 09/07/18 and it rained all day on the 09/12/18 I am very happy with the way they are looking. They feel really strong and all have nice flower heads on them. If it was 2nd week August I would be over the moon. I know from last year the sun does not shine over some trees which hide my spot around 2nd week October. Although hybrid seeds they are mostly indicia Mistake number one No fimming. I have read the grow journal, Is it to late to prune, Which has helped a lot, thanks to everyone who wrote something. Think I will play it by ear and see what happens with a full moon coming on 09/25 all should be good. Any tips on how to fill out the profile thing? I am new here. Happy Growing everyone.

Pictures from 20/08/18

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Top pic from20/08/18 the other pic are from 14/09/18.

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All is going well, getting itch feet syndrome. Still three weeks at best behind last year

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@Big123 Not sure that’s