Late flower lockout?

Hey fellow growmies. I have an issue that started about a week n abit ago… im day 58 from flip with bruce banner 3. Now long story short i was using a ppm pen that id purchased too really dial in the final weeks, and well i shouldnt have done it lol. So i was reading the 500 unit measure when i should have been using the 700 units so when i should i was giving them 1500ppm i was actually giving 2100ppm for about 4 days. Now the girls actually wore it ok but since then ive been trying too fix and its not gotten much better. Although lastnight after extensive ready i made the call too do a kleasnse with cyco nutrients which is a lil better than water flush as it turns excess stuff into sugers from what i can understand. Now the run off would normally be about 7litres ish but last night thy sucked up more like only about 3 litrs. So i guess my question is what too do today. I was reall wanting too get too day 58-60 before begining full flush but have i already done the damage and they wont recover in a small time and just too harvest sooner?


What was the ppm of the 3L runoff? Did you grab ph?
What is the medium?
What nutrients?

I am not good with these liters but looking at pictures plant’s doesn’t look that bad i would water to 20% runoff and keep check my ppms and ph until You get to your desired numbers

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Im in 100%coco coir running cyco platinum full range. I didnt actuall read the ppm of my runoff but my ph is about 6.2 goin in but comes out about 7- 7.5 i heard that bruce banner does that weirdly. Everything was humming man until i used that god dam pen. Im gonna go back too a standard feed from what cyco recommends which now reading the right units of measure is correct, i think ill feed em for another 2 days then re evaluate. If it seems like it stops yellow/browning etc then ill feed until i see complete cloudy trichomes then 48hrs darkness and chop if not and it seems too be getting worse ill start my flush and 48hr after that so chop late this week. Would you agree with that scenario?

I always use the 500 for ppm. I think most do. Maybe different for coco coir? Anyhoo. the lady looks good. :heart_eyes:

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Yeh most do which is y i assumed haha. Cyco doenst the stooges. They do state that they base of the 700 but fine print is a bitch. They have so little too go but im just being an over protective dad also this is my first grow so every tiny change is new too me and i must understand it as i feel this is my calling hahah

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A fine job. looking good. you will have a happy dance when chop chop.

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Too right my friend :ok_hand:

Fox Farm Feed Schedules also use 700.

That is crazy high for coco. Also during late flower rootzone ph usually usually goes down because of decaying roots. The highest coco runoff ph I’ve had it 6.5. It was late veg and flushed it down to 5.6 - 5.7. 3-4 weeks later during flower it was back up to 6.4. Much less of a concern at that time. So managed inputs (feed & water) to keep it around 6.2. It is lower now because she is within a week of harvesting.
My first couple of grows were blind - synthetic nutes without a ph or tds pen.
Exhibit A - not a pretty site

If you are that far along in flower and will be cutting it soon, you should be able to see it to the end.
Good luck

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