Late Bloomer outdoor mixed bag of autos


Soon yoourr ladys will pump buds! :wink: Will follow until you cure :yum:


Thanks! I’m glad you found my journal. I invited you a while back but just realized I misspelled your name. I corrected the spelling, hit “save” and, like magic…you appeared! :rofl:

Yeah, we’ve had 20”+ over about 11 days in a place that gets 24” of rain annually! Lol! Well, usually! SUX!

I’ve been getting ready for a BIG outdoor garden next spring - excavating 7’ diameter holes 36” deep (by hand, mind you) to replace the compacted clay filled soil w/ properly amended soil. Well, this rain has made a serious mess of those holes and has washed a BUNCH of the excavated dirt away. :rage::rage::rage:


Wow! Thanks for close up photos! All the geek growers with big weed heart loves photos, a lot of them! :heart_eyes:. Ahhhhhaaaa… you spelled my name wrong! No worriess, like Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: I ll be back!!! :joy:
Yes, that is a really good ideea to replace soil outdoor… but dont forgeth to pock some holes in soil when it rains… ! I lost a 3 girls because of heavy rains and compact soil.


Btw ! That lady that sits on that chair says she needs some coffe :sweat_smile: ! What a relaxed lady


Do you mean ‘poke’ some holes? What does that do?

My plan has been to dig these giant holes 7 feet wide and 3 feet deep and fill with well draining soil. Then, using some of the dirt I removed, build a 1 foot high berm around the outside. I will fill the holes to the top of the berm height. So, plants will have 48” of depth to grow in. My understanding is that the majority of a plant’s roots reside in the top 24” of soil with the majority of feeder roots being in the top 2”. My thought is that, even in the case of a crazy (unprecedented) rain like this the rainfall would o my flood the bottom of the hole and that the majority of roots would be safe from flooding. That’s my solution to the fact that the surrounding compacted soil will create, essentially, a bowl that will actually hold a good bit of water - it won’t leech into that compacted soil very easily/quickly.

I’m also leaving a 2’ wide pedestal of the compacted native soil (see pics) in the center of the bottom of the hole. This should stop the tap root and create a sort of moat (like surrounding a castle) to hold excess water from a more typical big rain.

This crazy rain event has me considering a modification to my plan. I think I’m going to get some 500 gallon grow bags and I’m going to cut a 4’ wide hole out of the bottom; and I’m going to center it over the holes I’m digging - Instead of the dirt berm. I didn’t want to do it this way but I’m realizing that I’ll constantly be battling erosion on that berm and the soil it contains if I don’t shore up the outside somehow. I may try a mixture of bags and wooden raised bed using lumber I have laying around. The 500g grow bags are $55+ each!

Here are some pix of some of the holes:


Nice makeshift tent, that is awesome!


Thanks! It’s working well. We’re undergoing more damn storms and the ladies don’t need any more water for a bit. One minute we’re in a drought and the next we’re swimming to work. Just crazy


The rain quit for a few days but left behind a ton of humidity and we’re about to get more rain to add to the 25”+ we’ve already had. The ladies may have a touch of septoria but the biggest problem is the annual onslaught of Army Worms that’s even worse than normal due to the unprecedented rain. One farmer nearby lost 7 acres of hay in 2 days! So, I e gone to war with them using Monterey BT, Serenade, Spinosad soap and Neem oil.

I also got in a 21lb sac of Mega Crop and some Bud Explosion and Sweet Candy from Greenleaf. So, all the ladies have been enjoying a major feeding along with some Mycorrhizaee and a top dressing of muchroom compost. I also managed to get my indoor grow room up and running but am still waiting on some additional components to get it completely finished. My 2 photos and a couple of autos I had under a T5 are happy in their new home!

Here are some new pix. Sorry they aren’t better but I was in a hurry today.

Paul’s Super Dense is spreading out nicely in early budding. They’re about 42 days old now:

Here are the 2 Paul’s Chrystal Aurora Autos at day 46. The dwarf is packing on bud in miniature while the other is about 70% bigger and looks like she’ll be a good producer. Truly amazing the difference between the two that are SUPPOSED to be the same seed:

Here’s my oldrst girl - an ILGM Amnesia Haze Auto at 53 days that’s really building some nice buds. She’s not really big but the buds look great right now:

Here’s my youngest, a Dinafem XXL Cheese Auto that really getting big now and needs some more training. Ah got a little pale but I fed her a big meal of Mega Crop and Bud Explosion and she’s already getting darker. The massive rain right after her move to a new grow bag and going from inside to outside made her nutrient poor. But we’re on the road to recovery and I have high hopes for her:

Finally, here are a couple of ILGM White Widow Autos (day 38) that I started late but are growing pretty well. The talker one is about 20” tall without the LSTing. The other is a little shorter. They also suffered from some yellowing like the Dinafem XXL Cheese because they also suffered the rain shortly after transplant; and they’re in small 3 gallon pots. They’re absolutely responding to the feeding of Mega Crop and Bud Explosion.

Hope y’all enjoy the update!



Nice update. Your girls look great.


Thanks raustin! I hope @SmoknGranny will drop by- I know she’s down in the dumps over the setbacks with her grow. Maybe some new pix will cheer her up!


Awe, that’s too bad, but everyone’s had problems this year. Lots of bud rot going around.


Shoot, you’re telling me! The rain we’ve had lately is horrible. Even the farmers are griping. Lol! We usually pray for rain around here but when it rains so much it destroys your crop, you actually start praying for a break!


I’ve been slacking on updating so, here’s a big one…

Everything has been going pretty well in the outside garden. I started feeding some Greenleaf Nutrients Mega Crop, Bud Explosion and Sweet Candy and the flowers have really been growing. We’ve been having way more cloudy days than normal following those crazy rains we had so, I think that’s held the girls back some. Plus, I’ve left the rain shield up and the 4 mil plastic is certainly reducing some of the sunlight getting to the plants. Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy. The most exciting discovery I’ve made is “Recharge!” I started listening to the DudeGrows podcast and they talked it up so much, along with some folks I really respect, that I had to try it. Wow, is all I can say! The girls jumped when they got a “Recharge!” The packaginv said you’d get visible results within 48hrs and it was no lie- I could see a big jump in the bud growth rate and all my plants just looked even better overall. Even following a flush with Sledgehammer, they are really progressing!

Here’s my Paul’s Super Dense Autos at 66 days. They’re supposed to finish in 65-75 days and they’re right in track for that!

Here’s my 2 Paul’s Chrystal Aurora Autos at 64 days and ready to go. Check out the trichome pix! I’m just waiting on a new grow tent and fan/filter setup that will be my new drying room. They should be here in a couple of days and then I’ll cut this girl and her dwarf sister - when I can control the odor and the humidity:

The dwarf sister:

Here’s my Dinafem XXL Cheese Auto at day 57 and coming along. I wish I’d have done more extreme LSTing on her; but live and learn! This strain has potential. I’ve learned a lot. I think she’s still several weeks away but then she’s my youngest and she’s not supposed to be a fast finisher:

Here’s my ILGM Amnesia Haze and I’m guessing they’ve got 2-3 weeks left. I don’t know about these. I’m sure they’ll be good but they look like 2 completely different strains. It’s beyond 2 phenos - the bud structure is completely different. Strange.


This ILGM Amnesia Haze contracted Botrytis (a.k.a. Bud Rot) on the main cola but I caught it in time to salvage the outer buds.


Finally, here’s my ILGM White Widow auto at day 58. She contracted some sort of stem rot below the main cola. You can see the immediate lateral branches are dying and the main cola is as well. I think she’s going to be a total loss but I’m nursing her along as an experiment and learning experience. I’m a little disappointed in the disease resistance of these 2 ILGM strains I chose. Conditions have been rough this year but none of the other genetics have had disease issues - only the 2 ILGM strains.

Hope some folks enjoy the update!


Did you check for burrows (holes)? Sorry about that WWA… was hyped anout the most of the update. I have tonstart ur journal over cuz no idea where i stopped. Happy u kept it short n sweet tho. :joy::joy:

All 3 paul’s look nuts. Never heard of the strain but now i gotta go :eyes:. The amensia’s look damn fine as well. Inthink they look somilar but maybe just the photos. Neither stands out like the other plants. So chalk it to phenos. N wait til u taste the diff.


Thanks man! Chopped some more of the Chrystal Aurora and the rest of the Amnesia Haze.

Before trimming…

After trimming…

Hanging in front of fan after washing and before they went to the drying room…


Nice! Congratulations on the harvest!


Definitely a good haul. Congrats. Now the hard part :joy::joy:


I see you have the Teflon coated trimmers. Do they really work? My uncoated version of the same ones do fine, I just have to pry some resin globs off from time to time. And consider throwing them in the vape.


I saw that they stayd relatively gum free. Wantd to ask what kind are those.


@PurpNGold74 Looks like these ones, which are just the Teflon version of the ones I already use.