Late Bloomer outdoor mixed bag of autos


Soon yoourr ladys will pump buds! :wink: Will follow until you cure :yum:


Thanks! I’m glad you found my journal. I invited you a while back but just realized I misspelled your name. I corrected the spelling, hit “save” and, like magic…you appeared! :rofl:

Yeah, we’ve had 20”+ over about 11 days in a place that gets 24” of rain annually! Lol! Well, usually! SUX!

I’ve been getting ready for a BIG outdoor garden next spring - excavating 7’ diameter holes 36” deep (by hand, mind you) to replace the compacted clay filled soil w/ properly amended soil. Well, this rain has made a serious mess of those holes and has washed a BUNCH of the excavated dirt away. :rage::rage::rage:


Wow! Thanks for close up photos! All the geek growers with big weed heart loves photos, a lot of them! :heart_eyes:. Ahhhhhaaaa… you spelled my name wrong! No worriess, like Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: I ll be back!!! :joy:
Yes, that is a really good ideea to replace soil outdoor… but dont forgeth to pock some holes in soil when it rains… ! I lost a 3 girls because of heavy rains and compact soil.


Btw ! That lady that sits on that chair says she needs some coffe :sweat_smile: ! What a relaxed lady


Do you mean ‘poke’ some holes? What does that do?

My plan has been to dig these giant holes 7 feet wide and 3 feet deep and fill with well draining soil. Then, using some of the dirt I removed, build a 1 foot high berm around the outside. I will fill the holes to the top of the berm height. So, plants will have 48” of depth to grow in. My understanding is that the majority of a plant’s roots reside in the top 24” of soil with the majority of feeder roots being in the top 2”. My thought is that, even in the case of a crazy (unprecedented) rain like this the rainfall would o my flood the bottom of the hole and that the majority of roots would be safe from flooding. That’s my solution to the fact that the surrounding compacted soil will create, essentially, a bowl that will actually hold a good bit of water - it won’t leech into that compacted soil very easily/quickly.

I’m also leaving a 2’ wide pedestal of the compacted native soil (see pics) in the center of the bottom of the hole. This should stop the tap root and create a sort of moat (like surrounding a castle) to hold excess water from a more typical big rain.

This crazy rain event has me considering a modification to my plan. I think I’m going to get some 500 gallon grow bags and I’m going to cut a 4’ wide hole out of the bottom; and I’m going to center it over the holes I’m digging - Instead of the dirt berm. I didn’t want to do it this way but I’m realizing that I’ll constantly be battling erosion on that berm and the soil it contains if I don’t shore up the outside somehow. I may try a mixture of bags and wooden raised bed using lumber I have laying around. The 500g grow bags are $55+ each!

Here are some pix of some of the holes:


Nice makeshift tent, that is awesome!


Thanks! It’s working well. We’re undergoing more damn storms and the ladies don’t need any more water for a bit. One minute we’re in a drought and the next we’re swimming to work. Just crazy