Late bloomer needs DIY LED light help!


@hangthebanksters This is a little more powerful, I think, but not by much. It is recommended for flowering 4x4 or 5x5.


Hmm the 600 is less expensive than the 550. Must be the difference in drivers as the quantum boards are the same. Looks like on their website the kit is not available only pre-assembled. Man the 550 ive got its so bright it melts paint. :joy:


Check out the difference in PPFD, too.

Still waaaaay cheaper than the light you purchased from Amazon. You can search around for discount codes, too, and probably get 10% or so off, if you decide to buy one to add to your tent.

I looked at Amazon, too, hoping to find a better deal, but on these, Amazon definitely over-charges.


Yeah I agree the 600 is a good deal. Would love to hear any experiences members may have with their grow using the 600.


I wish I had a tent big enough to try it, myself. :grinning:


Quite a few members in lab forum have them. @Rugar89 has one, bus hasn’t been here in ages. I bet if you went through his topics you could see it.


@blackthumbbetty @dbrn32

Am I reading correctly- tge HLG 600H is only 29" by 15.5" by 3.5” thick? Something like that would be easy to get in and out, if I ever needed to. Is that the size of the entire fixture? Hard to imagine that could cast enough light across 25sq/ft.

That’s certainly an option in my price range. I could only find it available as an assembled fixture (including potentiometer installed) for $761usd from GrowersLights dot com Anyone know another source that I don’t see? I’d definitely be more interested in the kit but I can’t find one. I do t even see that light listed on HLG’s website.

What do you think @dbrn32? Is this as good an option as any? Or can I do better/or save substantially by building a light from scratch that you help me spec out? I do like the idea of building something on my own and learning. I friggin LOVE learning new things and I’ve been really interested in LED lights for a while. On the other hand, just ordering one and putting it up appeals to the lazy man in me. Lmao! I can really go either way. If I can get 15-20% more/better light and save a little money (or save 20% and get a slightly better light) I’ll be totally down for building one. What do you think, my friend? I trust your judgement.


Size sounds about right, and the hlg-600 is a lot of light for the money. It’s more about light intensity levels than size of fixture if that’s what you’re thinking? Personally, I think it’s a little low light to be a stand alone solution for someone wanting to push their grows. And the biggest issue with that light is that it pushes boards to max current at 100%. However, the other people using have found pretty good solutions in mounting a clip on fan or two blowing over the sink and dim a little bit.

I think you could build something better as a whole, but it will cost more money. If you’re thinking that’s a good option, I wouldn’t disagree. I think in your situation I would give it a try. If nothing else, it would be an awesome base to integrate a few cobs into later and create a hybrid type of light. That would give you an easy no messing solution right now, and leave that door open to create a diy type of light later. Adding some cobs would certainly allow you to dim and get away from the high current which as I pointed out is that lights only real downside.


I contacted Kurt at growerslights dot com and he says they have the kits available they need to update their website to allow that purchasing option or you can contact them directly for the kit option and save $49.


@hangthebanksters Thank you!

@dbrn32 I guess I’m a little confused. Is that 600H more suited to a 5x5 tent - is that why building a better light would be more? I’m thinking back to your comment that, “The cost of lighting alone will be close to half” if I went with a 4x4 tent vs the 5x5. Is the 600H a bigger/stronger light than you were referring to with that comment?

IF that’s the case, and the 600H is more light than necessary for a 4x4 space, could you then dim it some in that smaller space and get the same effect without driving it so hard?

Can you suggest a COB build that’s ideal for a 4x4 tent? I’m sure I’ll end up scrogging. I want to compare th cost of what you’d suggest building. If you’ve got the time, I’d also love to hear what you’d suggest for a QB build that I could also add some COBs to later on down the road


I’m using a 550 V2 in half the space of my 4x8 so effectively a 16sq ft. area and the fixture is more than enough in that space. The 600 is even more powerful. It is recommended to not run 100% current through the driver so IMO a 600 would be suitable for a 4.5 x 4.5 area.


Ya that’s where the confusion is. The hlg-600 running at a dimmed level would be ideal for a 4x4. Even pushing it to 100% would mean a ppfd of about 660. Dropping that light to an output level the boards will run cool, you’ll not even be close in 5x5.

Here’s the numbers from what is probably the best value from timber in a 5x5.

That’s 25% more light at over 2000 umols/s. And $1300.


@dbrn32 At that cost you could actually run 2 HLG 600H and dim them considerably and get even more light,

GrowerLiggts dot com says you can request a custom spectrum or choose from 3000k, 4000k or 5000k. What would you suggest I get?

Those HLG tents - are they any good? I was thinking about splurging on a Gorilla because they look extremely waterproof and obviously durable. I’m going to use either soil (that I’m comfortable with or coco but I can’t afford a big spill in my room; so I’m open to spending extra to insure that, if I knock over a water container, it won’t get out of the tent. But, if the HLG (or VivoSun or iPower) are plenty good quality, I’ll be happy to save the extra $$. Gorilla tents are definitely pricey!


Now you’re picking up what I was putting down. You don’t really need two hlg 600’s though either. That’s why I suggested the possibility of getting one and dropping a few cobs around the edges. Three xl 260 kits would be plenty too for a 5x5, lots of ways you could go about it.

I’m not sure about the hlg tents, they’re pretty new and I’ve never seen one in person. I would say the gorilla tents are a step above most in terms of quality and construction. They’re probably over built if anything. The less expensive models will fit the needs of most growers. Just keep an eye out for the few that seem to have holes in them.


@dbrn32 Sorry I’m so slow but I’m finally starting to catch on. Lol. Is there a problem with doing a 4x4 grow inside of a 5x5 tent, just to have the extra room to get into the tent and set things like a fan or humidifier/dehumidifier, etc? Seems like a 4x4 tent with a oscillating fan sitting on the floor won’t produce a true 4’x4’ grow. Uncharted waters for me here so I’m trying to consider everything before I place the orders.

What is your recommendation on the spectrum to get or request as a “custom” order?


Shoot, you asked that and I forgot to answer sorry. Go with the 3000k for seed to harvest type of growing. If you’re plan was for this to mainly be a veg light then one of the colder temps would be a better choice.

You can absolutely use a portion of the larger space to grow in. I think @TDubWilly was using half of a 5x5 before he started rebuilding his room. You lose a little reflection on edges, that have open floor space, but there are a couple of ways to work around that if need be.


I have a 4’x8’ tent and only use 1/2 the space for growing.