Late Autoflower--still not done?

This one is about 14 weeks old, will be 15 on Wednesday or so. It was really slow to flower.

It’s for bedtime use, so I’m waiting for it to be done. The stigma make it look like it’s not done yet, but that could be due to foxtailing.

Looking at the trichomes, I see a mixture, but I still see some clear and am shooting for cloudy with an appropriate bedtime-level of yellow trichomes.

The photos make it look done, but look at the closer photos, all the pistils are still white and sticking out, and even the brown ones aren’t curled in. Usually by the time they’re done, the pistils will be brown and curled up.

I sit with my crappy jewelers loupe every day and stare at the trichomes, but every day I think “I don’t know–guess I’ll check again tomorrow”.

SUPERSOIL grow, Autoflower, 300w Mars Hydro LED, only using some organic amendments with tap water, Girl Scout Cookie Extreme Autoflower strain from ILGM-- I can’t remember what other stuff I’m supposed to mention!


I have had one that didn’t seem to want to get done also. Need to keep an eye out for signs of male parts(nanners). Maybe you should take a sample bud to test? It may be as done as she will get.


Woops, wouldn’t let me edit. It’s 14 weeks old on Wednesday or so!

How many weeks in did it start to show pistils ?
You can Take that off your total time and you’ll have a truer expected time line to finish.

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Hmm, ILGM used to just list “done after 7-8 weeks flowering” or something. Now they say 10-14 weeks instead. So I’m not really sure how to do the math on it. It started showing pistils approximately 6 weeks in! So you’re saying maybe take 2 weeks off the 14, and potentially expect it will be another week or two from now? (Which seems pretty logical, especially considering how the pistils currently look)

I won’t be able to wait quite that long, because I have the new batch planted now in starter pots, and they should be up in a couple days, will have their humidity domes off in a week or less, and I’ll have to have the humidity in there higher at that point I suppose.


Those published timelines have caused more trouble than they are worth. It is only a sales gimmick to lure people in. That is like looking at a baby and saying it will live for x years. Pure speculation.


Never go by what the seed breeder says is the time line. Plants cant read and rarely follow all the rules anyway. Environment lighting and most importantly phenotypes determine when the plant starts to flower and when it finishes.

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Looks like you have a couple more weeks to go. All the white hairs will turn brown and curl in

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I think it’s ready. Nice job looks awesome!

Quite a variety of opinion, from a couple more weeks to “done”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an update, going to harvest today. If I get real close in there and look around, there are plenty of yellow trichomes, I think. At a medium view, a person does see all the pistils that are white, but I’m pretty sure all the new pistils are due to a LOT of foxtailing, more than I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure what that’s about–did I fix some kind of deficiency by accident right at the end?

Hoping for a good harvest–gonna be a big job! Will try to update at some point in case someone reads this via searching.

Found 2 seeds in the harvest. :frowning: Didn’t notice more, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Bummer. Hope it’s not super weak. I’ve been growing for two years and still haven’t quite gotten it right. (It’s still always been useable tho)

I’m still unsure whether I harvested too early, or too late. I still think the growth was new growth, and I think the old growth underneath was plenty ripe. Not sure how that means it will turn out though.