Last years soil

So, after a fairly successful harvest I find myself with ten 30 Gallon bags with great soil left over. As we all know creating a great grow medium can be challenging and expensive. Can I reuse my soil next season? My plan is to leave the bags exposed to the elements over the winter (Massachusetts) and flush in the spring before repotting to new bags. Is flushing enough?

Don’t flush soil, flushing rids nutrients and soil is all about storing nutrients.

You may want to amend it, ensure its at least 30% perlite, add 10-20% compost and add work castings, another great attive would be some beneficiary bacteria like fishshit, or tribus, or recharge something of that nature when you first start growing again.

If the roots are still in tact there is an enzyme product that you add and it eats them all but I can’t recall what it is.


Sensizyme is one… canazyme… there’s a handful of em. Hellraiser uses the one by AN


I amend my soil in advance. Knock it out of the bags, remove all the detritus, add dry amendments and composted manure/worm castings and then soak with tea. I’ll let that sit for the Winter and use it for my outdoor grows next Spring. All my indoor grows start with fresh soil.


Thanks. Yes, roots and stump still in.

Perfect. Thanks.


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Find the enzyme to break all that down… Google. It and let us know

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I’d knife out the stump

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I add 3 cups humic acid per 55 gallon barrel, and a bag of composted steer manure and more bugs and let it sit three months covered with an occasional light watering. I agree with @Nicky I wouldn’t flush it.


Found the enzyme called Cannazym. Breaks down dead roots and converts to beneficial minerals. Removed the stumps and will cover the bags for the winter,.

You guys have been very helpful. I appreciate you.