Last week of grow for autoflower, can i "slow down" buds?

So im out of town next week but I could probably harvest this weekend. I won’t be able to tend to the drying/curing process however. Is there anything I could do to prolong growing forn1 more week? Maybe less light?



Bit more time should be just fine. I wouldnt worry about the extra week making them ‘overripe’ so much as missing a crucial water period n coming back to wilty babies


Hey @Ahol85 I had a similar issue before. I am using DWC so i filled those to the top right before I left for 5 days away. I also turn down my daylight time to 9x15 at 80%.
That worked keeping my buckets wet and slowed down growth. I likened it to a week of shady days.
Also back when I was a traveling man during the week. My work took me away for 4-5 days a week. I made use of some water globes to keep my soil grow going while away for the week.

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Id rather they went a week long then risk too fast or impropper drying/ curing.

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You could water before you leave, and fill a 2L soda or water bottle with water. Put a spout of some sort in place of the cap & stick it in your soil (supported upright by something of course) as your soil dries… water will be released. I used the spout from a liquor bottle in the bar & Pepsi bottles. Same as a water globe, just holds more.
In a 5 gal or larger pot, I would put 2 (1 on each side) to make sure it waters evenly.
It’s just a quick hack I’ve used. Plants were fine for 8 days in 7gal pots. 2 bottle set up. I leaned the bottles in against the plant stalks.
The plants were a little droopy looking upon return, I’m guessing lack of oxygen. Just a heads up. They turned out fine tho.


@Myfriendis410 (I think) was saying you can harvest straight to the freezer then, when you return home, hang and defrost/dry as normal.
You got some options

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Doesn’t hurt a thing. Commercial grow operations do it all the time.


I’d leave for the week. If it’s coming down the drought will shock it and maybe more trikes. Others confirm as never tried. Similar to 48hr dark or skewer(can’t do that//)

It will have started to dry too or will at least have less moisture to lose than if you watered day before chop. Agreed drying and curing are very important and need daily work.

How many weeks in flower. Have you checked trikes and I presume you are now flushing

Put her on 12&12 if she’s fox tailing if not roll with 18&6