Last two weeks - what do I focus on?

I’ve kinda given up on PH out- yesterday was 5 but in was around 7. It doesn’t appear to be suffering. How far down do I evaluate leaves for current deficiencies? What should I feed them for the rest of their life?

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It would depend on a few factors, but many of us will flush our plants for a week or two to get out the excess nutes. Some report it makes the buds smoke smoother. For my money’s worth, I hold the nutes the last week before it goes into the dark to get ready to chop. I put my plants into 24 hr dark for a few days before cutting as many folks believe it increases last minute trichs and terpenes.
One of the most potent plants I grew was a White Widow that I thought was only two weeks out from being chopped but ended up needing a little longer than that, so it was on water only the last three weeks-ish. All the leaves were dry and brown but the smoke was absolute fire.
It appears you have quite a bit of your pistils still white, unless it is late flower foxtailing…I would be thinking a few more weeks from those pics, but looks to be a fantastic harvest!! good luck!


I would pluck every single fan leaf off to make trimming easier and just work on staying patient :sweat_smile:

Good looking plants you got there :grin:

I stripped this one last week and I’ll be harvesting today.


Oh, I’d really like to but thought I wasn’t supposed to touch anymore after week 5. Yours look great too!

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