Last Night My Plants got blown over

Last night we had wind. Rain I did have them covered and my girls got tipped over and I went out and they were un the fabric pots all wet in soil ,so I gently put them back in the pots Now I wait… anyone else have this happen?

I haven’t had that problem with the fabric pot yet, but this is the first year I’ve used one. Late in flowering when the plant gets top heavy I’ve had plastic pots blow over. My solution 1. Dig a hole and put pot in hole. 2. Put pot in I used a old square milk crate with bricks in the corner. But I imagine you could use anything. My .02 good luck :+1: I may just stake mine this year 🤷

Great News today all is well onw Western Grail and One Sitteles are up and bright reaching for the sun . Also The Western Grail in the box looks like she want to flower from other pictures I see and I have done some trimming and Loipppoping some lower branches and every day she grows a 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches overnight. We are having 80-92 temps for at least 4 more weeks and the RH23% to 66% and night time around 69-77. Looking well she is and a very nice aroma coming from her

@yoshi this would be 1st thread for outside grow.

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