Last light for this lady

trichs are about 10% amber. based on trichs and leaves degrading, i’d say i timed the flush on this one perfectly. i always wet trim so she will be looking nice in a few days. i don’t worry about the 24 hours of dark. i cut a branch, trim it, hang it. it will take a couple of nights so some of it will get 24+ hours of dark. she didn’t get very purple though. but looks like some great smoke!

also heres some holy grail kush dried, trimmed, and ready for jars


only got 2.5 zips off the kush. a little disappointed in that. thats like .5 gram per watt. the purp is going to easily double that.


Looking great


Looks like it could go a bit longer

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could. i dont want any more amber.

The purpling is temp, nute, strain, and light dependent. I’ve had ilgm gdp that didn’t get purple at all, and then the clones grown under cooler conditions or other lights get nice and purple.

This is a purple punch grown under plc light strips with warm temps. I can only imagine what a nice week or two of 50f would’ve done.


Damn! Looking good!

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@Drinkslinger I am speechless!!! I don’t even know what to say but DAYUM!!!

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My black widow didn’t show much purple. But the buzz is intense. I can’t even imagine how good it would have been under perfect conditions. It’s crazy how many variables there are to growing and growing right. Have a great night. :v::call_me_hand:

makes sense. i battled with top of the temp range. but now that i am trimming, there is quite a bit of purple inside.

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