Last hope before i toss. NEED HELP

I would remove all damaged leaves the will not recover and are doing the plant no good.

PH is a little low for soil, you might want to raise it up a bit.

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All sound advise. Bigger pots and if you are in soil ph sweet spot (6.5) range (6.3-6.9).

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Ive tried giving plants higher ph water/nutes to get it to 6.5. But it always stays around 5.75. What would you suggest to get soil up to 6.5

Re potting into ProMix HP or FF Happy Frog should take care of your ph issue.

I am not aware of a fox farm soil labeled 420. Are you already using ocean forest, happy frog or what FF or other organic soil are you using specifically?

Yes its the ocean forest. Other pll call it 420 mix

I use FF OF and have never had ph problems with it. Others however have. On occasion a bag will have low ph. Do you have any of the original soil left. Curious what a ph slurry test would show.
A good practice going forward, if you continue to use soil, is to do a slurry test before using it. Just so you know what the starting point is.


I took in everyones advice and these are the results.
Thank you everyone. I will continue to post followup pictures.


Yeah man! :grin: let it fill out she’s beautiful