Last ditch effort to save my clone

For the last several weeks my little clone has been steadily loosing leaves from the bottom up so I repotted her with fresh fox farm ocean forest thinking it was time and the nitrogen boost would help her issue. The root system didn’t look that healthy so I cleaned out 75% of the root ball, dipped the loose roots in a rooting medium and repotted. Probably an earlier overwatering problem. That was about 10 days ago.
The symptoms haven’t changed. The lower leaves and stems are yellowing, becoming necrotic, and falling off. Sign of nitro deficiency. At the same time the upper leaves are presented as clawing. A sign of too much nitrogen. So I’m facing this situation now of what steps to take to halt this progressive issue.
Thanks for any incite. elliot

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I can’t help (first grow) but I am going to definitely follow! I received some 10 week old clones and the growth was stunted and had some kind of nutrient issues. Their new growth looks great! So I am just trying to keep the new growth healthy since I can’t undo previous damage. I know you will received excellent guidance from very knowledgeable growers here!


How big is that pot? You should replant into her forever home (at least 5 gals) and make sure there is plenty of good drainage (I use the fabric pots because they drain really well and provide more oxygen around the roots). The bottom pic looks a little like the phosphorus deficiency on my last grow. However, if you thought your roots weren’t healthy, it might have been overwatering. Maybe just give it a little time to heal. Those fully yellow leaves will never heal - you have to keep an eye on the new growth.

However, since I am new, let me tag @Covertgrower or @Myfriendis410


This is good advice, I would watch your Nitrogen intake, as the canopy is now showing nitrogen toxicity. The leaves are starting to claw. It’s perfectly normal to lose a few lower leaves here and there, especially after being cloned.
I think repotting to a larger container will be the best solution, this will keep your PH in range, and give the roots more room based on the size of that plant.
Happy growing!


The clone was doing fine for about a month before these issues presented themselves. Actually I believe that I previously repotted her into a pot that was too large and the plant wasn’t using the watered soil fast enough thus creating the root deterioration.
The current pot looks small but there’s plenty of room for root expansion.
It’s the presentation of too much and too little nitrogen that has me baffled.

At a month old your plant should be much bigger are you watering with ph’d 6.5 water every time?

Also agreed focus on new growth

Hi Nicky,
It’s actually seems to be a dwarf compared to mom, but that’s ok. I’m growing it strictly for the beauty of the plant itself. I’ve been using only rainwater to quench her thirst.

Thank you to @Covertgrower and @Caligurl! You two are so helpful to us newbies!

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I hope so, and if you ever need clarification from anyone, just ask, we’ll get whatever the confusion is about, clearer than mud. :wink:


LOL! Well, with me in the mix it will definitely turn muddy :wink:


If I removed any amount of root, I’d strongly consider defoliation to offset the transpiration demand. Limiting light intensity (strength, not period) will also help allow the plant to recover.


Rain water is not ideal PH so ideally PH before giving.

Dont use clay pots either… they suck