Lary OG harvest


harvest season is in full bloom here in southern Maine. heres some of my buddys lary og outdoor harvest. they do it kid of funy. they trim them mostly as a whole plant still in the pot. then they leave them in a dark room for some days, then they finish trimmimg and cut the plant down and hang it upside down to dry.wierd method, good pot!







these where just the 5 gal bucket ones. the 30 and 40 gal pics to come soon


Funny: These don’t even look like cannabis plants by the time they are ready to harvest.


Beautiful, simply Beautiful!


I do my first wet trim right in the tent then chop it trim some more hang till dry and fimish trimming


It may be better to break up trimming so it isn’t all in one big session


Looks like most of the trimming is done!


Trimming sucks big time! I try to break it up as much as possible.


trimming does suck. I have a bud trimmer but still have to do the large buds and small ones. I have 91 plants this year im going to be really busy. plus I harvest indoors every 3 weeks.


Not weird at all my friend… I know several people that do this as well … not uncommon… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Jesus! I trimmed one plant yesterday and it took forever. I managed to harvest 12 caterpillars, too! Forget about organic cannabis. I’m spraying next outdoor grow.