Large Water Leaves

Can ANYONE answer my question please??? Should you cut off the large water leaves when its getting closer to harvest time OR just let them slowly turn yellow and fall off on their own??? I’ve heard pros and cons on this.

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I let them yellow and fall off. It’s the plant consuming itself. If it’s going to consume itself id rather it eat water leaf than bud leaf.

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I usually let them yellow and die off. If a light tug is all it takes to remove them, they’re ready.

Although, if the leaves are at the bottom 12”, I’ll just cut them.

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Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply and info.

Yea alot of people pull them. I start stripping fan leaves around 4 weeks in flower and try to have no fans by the harvest

Yea, I’ve heard Pros and Cons on this subject. Two previous posts said they just let them turn yellow and let them fall off on their own??

Could be a situational decision based on your climate area.

I live on the CA coast. We had a couple of wet/dewy days in August, the plants were glistening with moisture for 2 mornings in a row. A few days later, one of my bigger buds developed bud rot. As such, I trimmed a lot of the big leaves to promote air flow and increase sunlight/drying to the inner part of the plant.