Large scale Tea Brewer

I found this online, I realize some have seen it, but I thought I would post up. I made one identical to this and am on my second batch.

I also added a 3/4 HP submersible pump attached to a garden hose with wand. It works Excellent!!!

Here are the plans:


First batch:


Solid !! What size pump did you use?

Why Im asking is it calls for a 50 watt air pump .
Ur using a 3/4 hp ? is it a water pump or air?
Just trying to understand what pump you did use.
I’m buying the pieces to build it right now​:+1::+1:!!
Plus I’ve seen other people suggest you should use a bigger pump.


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Air pump.

I bought this one.

I also use a 3/4 horse submersible pump with garden hose attachment for watering.


Water pump;


Wow that must make it easy with all those giant plants you got growing


Yes sir it does


Hey man @AAA moving up to 25 gallon fabric pots from 10 gallon. Plants were started May 1st. Look pre flower right now. Do you have any experience with superworm fras? Also makes good tea and foliar spray. :v::sunglasses:

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@stretchgfw.1957 I’ve never used Superworm frass, I have used general insect frass though. I’ll look into it.

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Hey man @AAA why did you buy that particular pump? You go with a submersible pump also? I read you can over agitate the microbes…i am ordering a 700 gal/hr pump and a pedestal bubbler. What do you use for a bag? Thinking i can find something cheaper than $30 at home depot. Got an old pair of pantyhose for now. First tea jitters. Going to add my superworm fras as directed on the bag. LOL. Thanks man. Let me know…happy grow​:v::sunglasses:

I’ve read the agitation thing. I’m just going for it. There is a lot of pressure that’s needed with all the pipes and length.

I use a 3/4 horse submersible to pump through a garden hose.

Seems to me that frass is a fancy name for castings, AKA poop! Just read, I guess it’s different!