Large scale grow

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question and would like your input on this one. If you want to grow large scale, say 40.000 sf. If you had the choice, would you grow in a greenhouse or a closed structure so you can better control light, temperature etc.

Depends on the year round climate where you live. If the temps stay good enough year round to make a greenhouse viable then by all means go that route, it would be a lower setup cost. However if you want total control of the grow and/or your climate isn’t condusive to year round greenhouse growing go with a building. Higher startup cost but you do have total control over the grow environment at all times.

Why settle for one or the other? play the season use warehouse in winter and greenhouse during spring summer

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It would depend on where I am located. In California growers use greenhouses until the weather is good and move the plants outside.

some growers grow from start to finish in a Greenhouse. The free light from the Sun makes this perfect if you live in an area with a climate conducive to growing.

An indoor warehouse will be the most expensive by far.

Good Luck with your planning. :slight_smile: