Lanky seedlings

I’m growing femanized seeds outdoors in the Deep South. Started seeds indoors a week ago and they’re really stretched out.
Should I replant into what will be their final 5 gallon air pot and “bury” the long lanky stems in the soil. They’re starting to flop and don’t want to lose them.


looks like theyre reaching for the light. you might be able to add alittle more soil to straighten them up

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Yes, you can up to the first-round leaves. What kind of light you using?

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@janzy21 they definitely want more light and like @BudzMS said bury their necks.


Natural sunlight now, started indoors last week.
I live in SC and there’s plenty of Sun and heat
The last and only other time I grew I harvested 1 lb of large buds from 3 plants

@janzy21 be careful and wary of direct sunlight for overexposure

Also looks like they might be damping off. That soil looks soaked? Is it?

Not really too soaked.
The seedlings are in those peat cup things and were wicking water at one point from a tray with water. The tops were sprayed when looking dry.
Now that they are in maXX air pots how much water would they need without over doing it.
I used to add water until the water seeped out of the holes.

Not familiar with the air pots. Straight soil grower. Here is what I know when it comes to babies. After they show a tail, and you plant them, plant them in soil that has been moistened but not dripping. Good soil for cannabis, there are alot of good options out there. Create a humid rich environment by using a dome if possible, or something clear to keep the humidity inside while they are developing roots. The humidity and light and warmth is what they need at this stage in life. I never water them for the first 2 weeks. They stay in the dome and I maintain the 80º F / 80% humidity for the duration. At 2 weeks, I start to harden them off and transplant them to their first home while continuing to root. Then I start to give them an oz of water as needed until they are big enough that I can put them on an actual watering schedule. I sure hope this helps. The take away would be leave them ALONE for 2 weeks ish.

This girl is going on 10 days with no water. Still looks green AF. Cloned from the momma I am in flower with now.

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@janzy21 i can share with you from personal experience that seedlings do not wick well and they could be drowning due to an over saturated medium. Dampening off happens quick at their age.


What they said :point_up:

They only wicked for one day, they are in 5 gallon pots filled with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil that’s slightly moistened

@janzy21 gotcha. The brown areas on the stems just above the dirt are dampening (dying) so it looks like a water issue but low light as well. After that I’m unsure.