LandShark tries this journal thingy

Alright, I’ve meant to do a journal since last year but never did. I figure if I can grow the devil’s lettuce that I should be able to keep up with a grow journal! Seeds were germinated on 10/15 and planted in 5 gallon pots on 10/17, FFOF for grow medium.

The first pic is NightOwl Miracle Berry Remix and the other is Cosmic Apprentice. Second pic is Dutch Passion Glueberry O.G. and the other is Seedsman Gelat O.G. - all four plants are autos. As you can see, the NightOwl’s are really taking off compared to the other two.


Looking good so far. Set to following. :+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you MrPeat, I appreciate it!


Well alright ! :+1: I’ll be tagging along

Outstanding, welcome aboard!

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Set to watch.

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How do you start a a forum post? I do not see where I can start my own Journal or post pics or questions for my plant.

Welcome to ILGM forum. You will be limited on what and how much you can post until trust level goes up. Spend some time reading and commenting. You can create post and topics once level goes up, everything is done at from top right corner of screen either by clicking your avatar or three grey bars.

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So here’s the SM Gelat OG today. Looks like the FFOF might be a tad too hot for her. The DP Glueberry looks a little funky but I couldn’t get a good enough pic to highlight what I’m seeing. The NightOwl’s are kickin it though! All 4 are showing the begginings of the 3rd set of true leaves.


Today is day 23 from from being potted, nothing real exciting yet. I didn’t realize it had been 10 days since my last post but since there isn’t much going on it’s alright. Just silica and calmag pH’ed water for now.

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I like those pots :+1:. Are they easy to clean up and reuse?

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Thanks. They are Rain Science Grow Bags. They clean up nicely and are available with grommets around the rim for lst’ing and stuff. I will pick up more of them as my phat sacks wear out.

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Here’s a 30 days + 1 update:
The NightOwl’s are really taking off!

The Gelat OG and Glueberry aren’t slouches either!

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