Lamp fell and broke a limb? HELP


hey guys i am growing 4 blueberry autos and i broke a lower limb on one of them. they are currently in week 6 of the grow and started flowering about a week ago. is this going to kill the plant? can i try to clone the limb? please help!


Relax you girl will be fine I’m guessing without pics of her
They are tuff bastards lol
And yes you can clone it put it in water immediately
just look up thread on cloning if you don’t know how
I’ve heard of putting a little honey on wound if it’s bad helps but never tried it myself


A picture would be helpful, however you can put honey on the wound and if it’s not too injure your plant should make a recovery, and for the cloning, why not and again If it’s not too injure :innocent:

Good luck :slight_smile::innocent:


Just keep an CLOSE CLOSE eye on it for signs of hermie.
Had it happen to me this grow and she hermied and I missed it for a couple days. Unless you like SEEDS cause I’m going to have hundreds of hundreds of SEEDS.


I was writing in the same time you’ve made your comment :wink::innocent::sweat_smile::joy: @Countryboyjvd1971


Like minds lol


We seem to cross paths a lot actually lol we stalking each other I think @Niala lol


here are a few pictures. i hope she will be alright


Out of like :wink:, again :wink:, lol


She’s gone a be fine :wink::innocent::+1::v:


You’ll be fine put a dab of honey on wound and call it a day just keep an eye on her I wouldn’t do more than that right now myself
I broke a top off one of mine leaned on it when trying to get the small plant in back lol I know I’m not smart lol
All good and in fact that plant is one of my biggest now with most flowers :hibiscus: :+1::wink::blush:


Believe it or not @Countryboyjvd1971 as the old saying goes one for many and what that means is usually trying to protect or help one will cause the death of many , so I’ve learned to just look at and inspect without trying to do any big favors for one lady or another because as soon as I start picking sides and try Tying up one little branch or something stupid , I end up hurting the whole crew… LOL … so never worry about one when there’s many …because you just might end up screwing them all up trying to save one…



Yeah or you can just put smaller plants to the front @peachfuzz lol
Actually I understand totally and agree with you
in my case I think I was watering them so I had to be in there lol
For the most part I just look at them and admire them from close but not too close :+1::wink:


WWAF in week 3 1/2 from first light. :sunglasses::+1:


Looking good@OldStealth


I would trim everything off at about 18 inches from the bottom up?


The secret is LED panels for side lights. :sunglasses:


Yeah I’m going to have a few on the sides next grow had to give up two 300 w panels for my wife’s fig trees this grow but I’m putting them in the ground once spring arrives so woohoo I get my lights back :v:️:wink:


4 full weeks. :sunglasses: