Ladybugs In garden


Found these around the garden, are they good or bad lasy bugs?


I’ve never seen Ladybugs that look that, there are no spots on them.


I’m not real familiar with a lot of the bugs you might run into outdoors, but those look more like some sort of “leaf beetle” maybe, or maybe harlequin bugs.


They haven’t ate any leaves yet, I will let you know if they do.


They haven’t ate any leaves, and look like they took care of spider mites on another plant.


They seem to love the plants and do no harm yet, will keep you guys posted, this is the first I see of these types of lady bugs.


I to have never a seen a lady bug of that color before, hey if they eat the all the spitter mites I would let them hang out.



Check this out…I had know idea!!



There is alot of them in the overgrown brush,but they come to drink water in our garden and have a snack of two.:bug::bug::+1:


You have the best of both worlds…lol



Those are Ladybug larvae. The good news is; They eat pests that harm your plant; The bad news is; They do not thrive in areas without pests being available for them to eat.

Once they devour pests bugs, they go away.


They lasted a few days jumping around to diffrent plats in the garden, drank water and left, I have keep a water dish full so they come back and vist if they get thirsty. Thanks for the info guys.