Ladybugs as pest control?


I have a nasty spider mite outbreak…I have sprayed twice with Azamax which usually works…It didn’t
I wanted to try using Ladybugs to eradicate the f@!#king borg.
Has anyone used this method?
I am a soil grow All Foxfarm in a 5x6 tent with 2-320w LEDs.



Never used them because I have outdoor plants but when I find one or one magically lands on me I transfer it to one of my plants and they go searching. I have read that they do great with pest control and if you can contain them then they would certainly be beneficial to the plants pest control. They do love spider mites too so thats a plus!


Hopefully they will work…I’m 23 days in veg, so gotta work out something soon or pull them, bleach it down and do it again.
Gonna give the LB a shot, I can get 1500 for about $10…only problem is seems like a very large amount of LB and where do they got to die…hmmmm maybe only release a few dozen and see how that works…


Shoot for 1500 for 10 bucks why not! Especially if y9u only got a few plants I’m sure if you let 100 or 2 out they’ll completely munch down. Just don’t k ow how long their lifespan is or what temps they can endure


I figure I can’t really lose anything since my girls already have the Borg!
I read that if you cool the LB in the fridge for a couple of hours and let them go in the dark period that they will be sluggish for a few hours hopefully long enough to either eat all the borg or lay eggs so everything will be eaten in just a few dayus…I hope :slight_smile:


Idk about cooling them down but I do know that at night they don’t fly anywhere(supposedly) I’ve never watched them to be sure though, so when you’re lights go out that may be a good time to release them. All I know though is it would be Interesting to watch them go to town on the spider mites


If you are in soil Try this get a large tote or plastic tub fill it with correct mix of insecticidal soap tie a plastic bag tightly around pot and base of plant hold plant by trunk and pot and completely submerge entire top of plant to the trunk agitate gently so every crevice is soaked then rinse with water repeat every 2-3 days. I just left soap mix in tub for duration it drowns the little bastards and kills them since the soap dries them out don’t do before or during light cycle or can burn leaves and leave bag on pot for several days. Once done add Vasoline around trunk to stop any that may have hid in the dirt :wink: works quite well but useless in flower


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