Ladies need help

Any idea why they are turning yellow

What is your grow medium and how much have you been watering? Most new growers either over water or fertilize too soon or too much causing issues


Improper watering is probably the problem. Too much or more likely too often.
Start with well moistened soil and only cover the seedling with a dome for the first week or so. No water should be added while in sprout/seedling stage.


Been lighty spraying with water. Havent fed yet. Went away for weekend and wet soil pretty good. Could that be it. Is there a fix

Just don’t water it for a long time. Make sure it’s really dry.


When they are in seedling stage they only need to take water from their environment ie the humidity. Once they get their first set or two of leaves and you do water, you want to do it on the outside of the plant. Don’t water near the stem but a circle around like 2 or 3 inches from the stem. That way you A don’t drown it and B it makes the roots search out water and grow.
This was the only picture I had right now of what I mean, you can kind of see how I watered around the outside not near the stem.


Thanks for info and advice. Greatly appreciated

This is what I call the “drip line”. It’s where most of the rain water would naturally fall if the pant was outside. Rain hits the leaves and “drips” to the outside perimeter of the plant.

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They are young. That is common. New growth is what we are watching this young. If progresses past these first few sets of leaves then seek why. Just me.

This is what @GrowingIs4Everyone is talking about. The red zone is ment for air roots. You will want to water in the green which is an ever widening ring about 2 inches from your widest leaf.