Ladies changing colors

I’m growing in my Aerogarden now & my ladies are yellow around the edges of the leaves. Please tell me what’s going on here…

What are you giving them?

Aerogarden sent a plant food that goes with the system. I put 4 drops of that in every 2weeks

What about water? Quality? What’s the lighting situation?

Looks like ph is off and they are burnt bad

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I use regular tap water after ive let it sit open in a gallon container for a few days so whatever chemicals in the water will evaporate. The light is the light that came with it which is 30 watts. I only use this to germ & veg so I can get the roots plentiful before transplanting. The others didn’t do this

Is there a fix to this? These are blueberry kush autos. Am I doing too much for autos?

You should test your water for ph & tds and move away from light. Can’t fix what’s burned though

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What’s yes?

What’s tds?

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That’s not a light issue. Get a digital ph tester, tds tester, some ph adjusters, and probably something like the gh trio, along with some calmag ordered stat.

I can tell you ahead of time that all those plants aren’t gonna go to harvest well in the aero garden. But we’ll cross that bridge later.

If @Bogleg @TDubWilly who do we know on this side that is a small res grower? Or do you have some basic lucas data we can share?


TDS…total dissolved salts

PH…should be 5.8 to 6.2

suggest you download the free grow book on this site. this is important to a successful grow.
and…yes, the plants are badly burnt.

We offer advice…it’s up to you to do something.


No not a light issue 30w is not enough light the burn is more than likely from the aero garden nutrients I would dump solution and put fresh ph water in there no nutrients


@dbrn32 we just had Johnny who started in an aerogarden system with four plants, and ended up with two plants in a 5 gallon DWC system when it was all said and done. He had pretty healthy plants in his, just ran out of room and had root issues cropping up.


I remember, was just thinking there was someone in this group too.

So in laymens terms you have too much fertilizer.

These terms your hearing like tds are measurements of your fertilizer concentrations. In something as small as an aero garden it’s very easy to give them too much, especially when many liquid fertilizers are super concentrated.

Stay the course, you will encounter plenty of problems but you will learn plenty also



Thank u everyone for your Help. I’m gonna do everything u guys have recommended & get back to u with the results later. So appreciated