Lack of nitrogen?


Question from a fellow grower:

Can someone tell me what my baby needs?


that is nute burn what your baby needs is nada quite literally a soil with no nutrients may be large enough to transplant? but if I am right and you leave it there it most likely die. Hate to be the dr who gives bad news but what I am going to suggest is you run to local garden store look for a seed starting mix no or super low NPK dig your plant up very gently and rinse away some of dirt around the roots plant her in the seedling soil and cross fingers


@Donaldj My plant soil has low npk this is my plant I haven’t been feeding it or anything should I maybe drain it with water,i was going to feed it with a npk of 24-8-16 since I haven’t been feeding it


Yup I agree with Donald .
Get some soil just for seedlin
While your at the store get me a 6 pack of Miller.
Just kidding…but get some root stimulate Super Thrive is really good stuff about $10.00 and then a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
Mix two or 3 mi of Thrive anf two cap full of peroxide toba gal of water. Then stir then PH your water to 6.0
If you don’t have a ph tester…get one. It’s a gota have one or you just wasting your time.
Buy ph up ph down kit.

Then once you havevdone that fet you soil ready make a hole and pour some of your solution in the hole place your seedling with as much dirt removed as posable.
Place her in and cover with new soil add more solution not alot. And there you have it
Just water every 3rd day and you’ll he fine.



What is the NPK of the soil ? if it has hot spots in it could cause same issue but you could try a flush if you wish my concern is that the plant runs out of energy to recover if not given a proper environment even the best soil makers screw up the mix sometimes.


@Donaldj the growth of my plant has not slowed down at all all I know is the soils npk is 6-9-? What’s hotspot in the soil? How should I flush it and what are my concerns


That is very hot for a seedling your plant will sustain itself first couple of weeks so not always instant reaction to soil since the plant is feeding off it’s self to form roots and leaves at very start from seed. Now it has roots and is running low on energy it is trying to drink a strong nutrient mix out of the soil which is toxic to it at early stage.


as I tried to say at start don’t shoot the messenger Flushing most likely wouldn’t help as soil is amended and likely to retain bulk of NPK.


@Donaldj so could it be lack of nitrogen should I start feeding it with plant food of npk ratio of 24-8-16, I was thinking maybe nutrient deficiency


here is very typical approach time line on feeding in soil seedlings started in peat pellets rock woll starter plugs or soil with little to NO NPK they grow this way until around 4th-5th true leaf set or node then get first feed extremely weak 1/4 dose to 1/3 even this can cause nute burns sometimes which is why first feed is always light. they are allowed to dry and and watered again then if plant responded well to first feed fed again. after a week or so you can start to increase dose.


The problem is you are not lacking anything it is getting too much the leaves are starting to dry brown and curl at end right? this is nutrient burn too much adding more will only cause more damage.


@Donaldj How should I use this also I’m lost idk what I should do to make it better , what would you do



a nitrogen deficient plant droops hard no brown usually yellow soft curling down floppy to start then harden


@Donaldj is there any way I can make it better with out changing soil or transplanting since its a bubble gum auto flowering


if it’s an auto it’s already too late the stress already will have sped up her growth cycle @garrigan62 come give me a hand Will getting another voice into convo


Auto’s aren’t really my thing and best way to put them is high maintenance like a women they want everything absolutely perfect start to finish they don’t adapt well to stress. They are not recommended for anyone growing first time without some good instruction and mentoring they are unforgiving to say the least even many vetran growers avoid them due to they’re unforgiving nature they are awesome once you have everything perfect. But as far as first grow it’s reg or fem both are quite forgiving and will let you screw up recover and learn


It will also turn yellow from sulfur calcium or magnesium


She’s an auto what do you figure?


This absolutely looks like seedlings that are dying and burnt from being in soil that is too nutrient rich!

Flushing or transplanting sounds like your only option and hope for the best.



Thanks Mac soil npk is 6-9-? so been trying to generate options keep coming back to those two