Lack of Customer Service Reponse

I tried leaving the following message on Facebook, but apparently it is no longer monitored.

“I am sending this message from Facebook as there has been no response to my inquiry using the contact form. I purchased Super Skunk using the 10 free deal. There were only 14 seeds not 20. I put four in water and after a week there is only a crack at one end of the seed where I can see a tiny white root but it does not grow. I then put two more seeds in another glass and there is very little activity after a few days. This is not my first grow. I have no clue if anyone has seen my inquiries. It’s looking like all of them may be duds. What should I do? And what will you guys do for me? This is effecting my grow schedule. Please help!”

Emailing customer support is recommended. This is the grow support forum. Keep in mind they’re in different time zones so there’s usually 2 day delay minim not including weekends and holidays.


Getting ready to order my second set , never had a problem if anything I wasn’t even ready when I got my first order - just email them

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Is there an actual email address to send to? I tried the contact form but did not receive a reply after a week.

Also check spam folder I’ve had a few end up there

1 Like They replied promptly and solved issue the one time I contacted them

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ILGM has been fantastic replacing an order for me.

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Sorry to hear you have trouble reaching out to us. I searched for your email address and can’t seem to find any emails from you.
Did you contact us via our support>suppor page?

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Thanks for checking into this. I sent the inquiry using the contact form while logged into my account. I didn’t find an email address to send to, just the contact form. Is there another way other than the contact form?

That’s odd! It should be working properly, did you receive a confirmation email after you’ve filled in the form?

In the meantime, I’ve sent you an email to help you out. :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem. I did get the 20 but I germinated 15 and only 3 spouted. These seeds differently have a problem. This is not my 1st rodeo either.

They are working with me now to resolve any reported issues. I feel confident they will handle it okay.


Good luck :+1: