LAB it’s not just for plants anymore


I went shopping the other day and had a hankering for some brauts and Kraut.
I came across this brand I had never tried before.

If you notice it contains LAB and is made using simple cabbage salt and fermentation which I need to make some more as I haven’t in quite awhile.
LAB…it does a body good…just don’t cook it as you’ll kill the good critters.
BTW it was delicious!

Thanks and HAG 420

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I need to start liking sauerkraut.


Take one for the team…of microbes in your gut = 70% immune system!
I don’t know exactly what is helping me with remission on the way to being healed I believe but getting my hands dirty in the living soil and not worrying so much about sanitizing (I refuse to use those anti bacterial soaps and have for many years) everything or the Triphala or LAB or what but I think I’m healing…oh yea and the herb has been integral with pain relief (old injuries and initially gut pain with the UC) and increased appetite and help with sleeping.
Fin A
LAB it’s not just for plants anymore lol.
Don’t need to eat Kraut to take LAB :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I need to brew some LAB then, hate all that antibacterial sanitizer crap.

We got 2 bales of wheat straw and started placing as our mulch. $30 is enough to do out front and backyard. Excited we got our mulch on.


Toss some on top of your potted plants too :wink:


I’m going to!

Just stared treating with fulvic acid yesterday as well.

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heyy Wow…i am also going to…i think better to another one…