LA Confidential when to flush?

Hi fellow Growmies!

I have a LA Confidential from ILGM. It’s on Week 5-6 of flowering and have shown some growth over the last 10 days. Question is about timing on flushing. On the website it says 8 weeks of flowering… basing on that should I flush on Week 6? I’m not even sure if it’s done growing yet. I’ve attached some pictures from 10 days ago and today so you can see some differences… should I wait another week or two before flushing? I just don’t want it to go past prime… I’m growing this in full organic coco mix. I heard flushing with molasses is a good way to go… or should I just use ph water… is calmag necessary. Thank you all if you are chiming in… I feel like I’m close to the finish line on my first indoor grow.

Here’s what it looked like 10 days ago

Here’s the this morning

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I would still continue to feed for a minimum of 2 more weeks, then reassess.

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Thanks!! I’ll do that and repost on here. Good thing I got on here and asked bc knowing me I may have done the opposite :crazy_face:

I’m guessing she still has potential to fatten up more?

Good looking out!


Always, as a community we are all here to do just that.
Yes plenty of more bulking to do.


I grow organic. I don’t see the need to flush.

Adding molasses to the mix feeds the microbes in your soil. It is also a source of calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

I wouldn’t use the molasses in a flush for harvest. Since the point of a flush is to deny the plant any more nutrients, adding molasses would defeat that purpose.

P.S. Plants don’t uptake the sugars. Molasses will not make your smoke “sweeter”.

I think your plant is about halfway through flower. Maybe week 5? Keep an eye on the trichomes on the buds, not the sugar leaves.

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Thanks OldMarine! Yes it is on Week 5 right now and thank you thank you and thank you for answering about the flushing questions. The net is full of info but sometime it’s mixed and caused me some confusion.

I’ve topped dressed it last week with Bloom 4-8-4 and for the next two weeks I’ll feed it compost tea. After that just ph’d water.

I have a digital microscope from Amazon, I’ll keep an eye out on the trichome development. It looks like it’s mostly cloudy right now with few specks of amber.

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