LA Confidential vegetative state

Hey folks, I figured I’d try growing LA confidential because of the reviews and fast grow time. One frustrating thing is that you’ll hear that old 6-8 weeks to flower but what about how long to grow it BEFORE setting to 12-12? I’d always thought you give it about 4 weeks from sprout but maybe I’m off. I saw a YouTube video where the guy is boasting about over 2 mos vegging.

@Skyblue how long you veg for is a personal opinion. Some people veg longer than 2 months. Some people start the flowering process from seed. (12-12)
Most importantly to consider is how much head room you have, and how much stretch is expected. (Some strains have a 200% stretch)
Your mentioned veg time of 4 weeks is perfectly fine, as long as you understand your yield may not be what it could be.
Something to think about as well, if you have no stash at all, you may want a shorter veg time anyways.
Hope many of these factors help you with your decision. Happy growing!


This is pretty accurate. That’s because no matter what the light schedule is most plants won’t flower until they’re about 4-5 weeks old anyway. You can take the time to veg them longer, nothing wrong with that at all if you have the patience. Some people like to say that they harvested a lot of weed from a single plant. Or, you can run 4 plants to create the same canopy size in less veg time and produce probably just as much.

Everyone has what they like or other reasons for how they grow. There’s not exactly a wrong way to do it.