L e d question and help

My mate has gone and bought three of these. He won’t listen to me when I say they must be shit but could someone with good knowledge of led please reply with an explanation on just what to expect . I will show him the replies

£25 must be rubbish right? Even 3.
It’s for a closet about 4’x4’

These are called burples, and no, they are not good lights. These Chinese manufacturers outright lie about their capabilities. They are built with substandard diodes. There is no such thing as a 4000 watt light. These burples generally run at 10 to 20% of the stated power. I expect that this light is even less given that there are 100 diodes in the build. I expect the actual wattage is maybe 200. Actual power draw is not stated in the listing.

Many of us (self included) bought one of these lights off Amazon when we started. I used mine for about 2 weeks and threw it away. I wrote a 1-star review on Amazon and the manufacturer kept emailing me offering me money to delete my review, so the reviews aren’t really legitimate either.

It is simply not physically possible to get 4000w from 100 diodes of any type.

I would suggest a light from HLG. They are legit good lights and you get the best bang for your buck.

Two HLG 260XLs are great for a 4x4.


It’s only 4000 watts? That’s outrageous, and I went and spent good money on an hlg when I could have spent 25 lbs damn now I feel dumb


But mine goes to eleven

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Looks like 85w? I maybe tripping i dont speak electrician. @dbrn32 can u undress his room with science lol.

Sorry @Damo pretty sure he blew $75 lol. Coulda had 6 strips and be on ur way to a nice build tho

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Simple bro
Baby light
Better light

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It’s just standard voltage from the wall in the UK. I don’t think the “85” reference is actual watts.

I’d expect that a 100 diode burple is probably somewhere around 200 true watts.

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They’re not “good” led lights. I’m not sure what is all available in the UK, but you pretty much get what you pay for with leds.

If your friend is being stubborn, let him run a grow and find out for himself. When he or she is ready to listen tell then to check diyleduk. Should have good lights at fair prices.


Thanks. Always appreciate a for dummies on the fly lol

Thanks guys I’ll let him read. It’s as I thought. I just didn’t want him to fail.
I’ll give him a 600 hps.
It’s the electric and heat. Hlg is the answer but is on a budget. I just want to help him. Any suggestions for first grow with some results. Not top shelf but for himself.

Download him a copy of the grow bible lol. Seriously its tough to help much when ur still learning.

That hps in summer is gonna be hectic keeping temps down… but stuff thatll help are…

FF soils… minimize his need to feed for the first couple months.

Ph/tds meter before u get into week 6/start flowering

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

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Lol thanks. I’ll get him to do that. I’ve told him to join the forum. It’s been a lifeline for me. 99% of members are so helpful, friendly and encourage . I hate the opposite. My dad said “if you can’t say anything positive then keep it to yourself” just wish he’d practice what he preached lol.
Thanks guys I have convinced him he will need something before he flowers them

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