L.A. Confidential OUTDOOR

Anyone grow LA CONFIDENTIAL outdoors?

I have not yet, I got 2 LA confidentials going outside in a week or 2 they are 6 weeks old. I started putting them outside for part of the day just a few days ago.

The plant on the right and the 3rd from the bottom other left are my LA confidentials

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I’m outdoors…amnesia haze, super Skunk, mango, ak47, pineapple upside down cake…taste the rainbow!

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I have LA confidential, Banana Kush, Black Widow, Ace Killer OG and A10

Permission to board?
I made some LAC(f) x DJS(m) grape crush seeds. I would love all Intel on LAC as it is on my radar. I am curious about growing LAC outdoors in California.
Good luck!

SL out.

Love the greenhouse !

The plants won’t be transplanted into the greenhouse for two more weeks. Right now they are getting acclimated during the day and back inside at night.