KWHours used for indoor grow?

I am considering my first “tent” grow indoors,of average size, 3 plants. We have high power costs here and the primary we just had may move me indoors. Anyone tracked this at all?

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You might consider LED for cost efficient , are a small ballast for a 400 watt HPS cool tube or hooded glass , are strong CFL grow lights should help electricity cost and give great yield results . MarsHydro lights , Advance LED lights , and a few other brands are great choices , Apache Tech is also a really good choice but very pricey , and you can also used T-5 tubes panel work really well in scrog and low cost efficient as well .

so the t-5 is good then?

Yea T5s work well. My buddy right now is growing under T5 lights with great success. He just bought LEDs to add supplemental lighting as well. I use HPS and MH right now, but would like to eventually go to LED. If you’re worried about electricity cost then I would recommend LEDs or lots of CFLs and T5s. Because for the CFLs and T5s you’ll need both veg and flower bulbs/tubes for your fixtures when switching light cycles. If you can afford it, go LED in my opinion.


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good tips guys
but can u tell me more about these lights
how can i get one ??
i have hard access to equipments

Yea no problem, what lights did you want to know more about?