kw_Bat Journal "DWC and Dirt"

I am going to start my grow journal, here is what I will try to accomplish.

What strain, Seed bank, =    BBerryA, AHazeA, NorthLightsA = ILGM order #384360
Method:                 =    BBA-NLA-AHA in soil, AHA in DWC. 
Vessels: NLA=           =    3gal cloth pots, BBA = 3gal cloth pots, AHA = 3gal cloth pots as well as AHA = DWC
PH of Water:            =    NLA,   BBA,  AHA,  AHA/DWC= 5.8
PPM/TDS or EC           =    AHA/DWC= 172 "seedling"
Indoor or Outdoor       =    Indoor
Light system            =    QB260
Temps;     Day, Night   =    75 / 72
Humidity;  Day, Night   =    45 / 45
Ventilation system/size;=    No
AC, De/Humidifier       =    No
Co2;       Yes, No      =    No 

As of know I have one
Northern Lights Auto = Germinated on 2/23/19
Blue Berry Auto = Germinated on 2/21/19
Amnesia Haze Auto = hasn’t Germinated yet

NLA and the BBA come up within 24hours, They both was a direct sow to soil.

But the AHA did not pop at all after all, then I noticed a hole in the seed, it could of been broken So the next AHA I planted I used the water in baggie method, at 74 degrees, popped within 24hours, I did not place in towel, I preformed a direct sow as I did the others and it still hasn’t popped yet, so I am not sure if the AMA is a sensitive breed, or should I be of preformed the paper towel method or do I need to hit some more bongs and get some patients?

To get this kicked off, here are comes a couple of pictures.


Set to watching

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Hey thanks for the support!. Blessings to ya.

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Awesome, best of luck with these!

Anyone have any suggestions on a quite fan for exaust. My grow spaces needs to be quite.


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Look at DC mixed flow fans. Ac infinity, hyperfan, or other comparable. DC voltage offers superior speed control and more efficient operation too. My ac infinity fan is easily the quietest fan I’ve owned.


Gosh I been working 12 to 16hrs a day, its been hard to check the site and post. In saying though, I need some help.

First, My Grow is in a uncontrolled environment, which fluctuates with the weather. Here in Texas we have had a cold front come through, its been getting below 20 degrees. The low temps was easy to fix, small heater, but the humidity dropped down to 17%.

I now have the RH fixed

But I am having a rough time getting the Amnesia Haze Seeds to Pop, I have been through three with no luck. Thanks for any advice

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Are your seeds already in dirt or are you germinating another way.

If you are germinating in your house then I would say just be patient, depending upon germination method lol.

If you’re germinating in you “uncontrolled environment” then try and keep the dirt or the seed warm with a heating pad


Wondering what you’re using for germination method as well?


I am.using the water in ziplock method, after they pop i plant.

I am not able to get them to pop.

The seeds are in a controled enviorment. Dark, with a constant 78 dagrees.

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Try soaking them in small glass of water with a drop of peroxide first.

I usually don’t, but It can soften shell. I have had pretty good luck using paper towel damp, not soaked. Place seed in it folded over, then place in ziplock bag with some air trapped inside. Then toss the sealed ziplock bag on top of something like a cable box. Check every 24 hours.


Update, 3/9

I transplanted the BB and NL to their 5gal pots.

I want to do an Sativa “Amnesia Haze” in DWC, but haven’t had any luck at the seeds cracking. I have tried 3 seeds, all seeds have been placed in lukewarm water, in a baggie, for over 12 days with no results. After waiting, I am now ready to try one of the two seeds I have left. I will try a different way this time, following recommendations of some other member here.

RH been between 50 and 70
Temp between 82 degrees and 90 degrees.
My Light, I have not had luck adjusting it. Not sure what is up, I might need to recruit some help from here.


@dbrn32. Didnt mean to drag you over here, but i have a question for ya.

I purchased a the 260w kit with the
Meanwell HLG-240H LED Driver.

I do not have any experiance with this product.

So my question is about adjusting the driver.

Ia there some trick to adjusting it? I cant get mine to adjust. What type.of driver does it use to make the adjustment?

Also, the light seems to be getting brighter and dimmer on its on. Defantly fluxating.

Is the driver working correctly?

If you need anyother info, just ask

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What is the exact driver model number? Like hlg-240h-c2100A?
Each of those letters and numbers mean something, would help me a lot.

Also, do you have any pictures of wiring so I can get general ideas of how things are put together?

If ya found the adjustments screws, mine required a tiny Phillips head screwdriver. Like the kind I use for eyeglasses. That small…

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The small pocket screwdrivers that are sitting around counter at hardware store usually work pretty good.

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Distilled water in a custard cup with four or five drops of 3% peroxide works bitchin’. An old timer trick is to drag a seed along an emery board to score and weaken the husk before soaking. Don’t sand through the husk; just scuff it up.


dbrn32 II do have the hlg-240h-c2100A running two 260w boards.

and here is a photo of the adjustment screw, it seems to be the screw is deformed. “possibly” I can see the groves in the screw, but they don’t seem to be indented.


and here is a photo of the configuration. The only difference is, when I wired the two together, I left a connection point for future expansion.


Thanks for being so helpful!


Myfriendis410, I have one seed left. I will try your suggestion!.

Crazy thing is, 3 of the seeds have been in water since 3-22-19 out of those, one is swollen, the other two are normal looking. The 4th seed process started 11 days ago and still hasn’t popped.


don’t mess with the old men… i hope you mean 2-22-19 @kw_Bat :wink:

i just put two seeds in distilled water last night and they have sunk to bottom of glass this morn

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